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  • You didn't get back in touch when I asked whether you still wanted it doing.
    I just noticed when I shifted that Yanma that they changed the Lure ball to the color it is supposed to be. In HGSS it looks green and red! :3
    I got home a little late today, but I can be on earlier than this tomorrow (Probably around 10:00pm your time).
    Just to let you know that I haven't forgotten about CtM although it seems it will be some weeks before I have time to give it a proper look. Sorry.

    (I expect I'll finally be free to read around mid August)
    I hear ya. I've been dealing with my heart stuff. Had a minor surgery last week. But anyways, that's great about CtM! I'll check out the new chapter!
    Good aim to have.

    I find it helps to have a release schedule.

    Of course, make sure it is a realistic one or you will just fail and it will serve only to taunt you.
    That's a shame, it's a very good fic.

    Perhaps if you start posting more regularly from now your views will increase?
    Well, technically you could still be nominated today since the closing date for nominations is today.

    I can't nominate you though since I'm a WW mod now.
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