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  • Hi there Sin!! I understand it's been a while, sorry D: but your request is done!! Please come check it out.
    Thanks. Lots of great characters, it's hard to pick a favorite! I really like Heihachi's happy-go-lucky demeanor in the anime, though, so that's why I selected him. I take it you're a fan?
    Personally, I think that the all-caps version looks better, as when it's lowercase, the ! really harshly contrasts with the lowercase letters.
    Chicken got banned the same week Sperry banned me, and Dan apparently got voted out Survivor-style.

    Heard a rumor about a mod using 1-hit KO and XGen covering for whoever it was, but nothing's confirmed on that.

    Not like you really see much of the mods nowadays anyway, so yeah. That statement has some validity to it.
    No idea. I'd suggest searching on Google. I know there's at least one really good image from when they were teasing the movie.
    All he did was infract me to death on one BS ban after the next; out of all three infractions there's only one I can't logically argue against, but probably will anyway when the time comes.

    Apparently Danny's new auto-policy is 3 points for demod judging how Chicken went in the same goddamn week.
    I just edit the covers they release in their solicitations (Marvel.com's got all of them. Or they used to). Then I crop them down to something that will fit the size and be somewhat square.
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