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  • Hey, I would offer to do this as part of the Review Exchange, but I've already read Different Eyes, so I'm just asking this as a favour.

    Any chance you could give me a review of Brotherhood when you have time? If you don't have time, that's cool. I understand how it is to have lots of r&r requests.
    I wanted to know if you could give my fanfic a read, if you weren't too busy.
    Congratulations on your fic-of-the-month award! (I suspect I'm rather late to be mentioning this. Am I? I forgot to check the date on the announcement and going back to do it now requires more stupid-laptop-trackpadding than I'm willing to bother with.)

    Anyway, if it's even halfway recent, you will undoubtably be brimming over with FEELS about it, so I'll see if I can get on Skype today so that we can talk about it in something approaching realtime.
    Regarding my comment about Salem's descriptions seeming expositiony (sorry for the delay, I've been thinking and only just came up with something), perhaps they could be internal? Instead of describing the new character to themselves, she could maybe make those judgements in her own mind. Like for Pyre, it could have been something like "She noticed his uniform had an unusual sheen to it, and realized after a moment that it was fireproof. She wondered if Pyre had complete control over his flames." or something similar.
    (so did you read the fic yesterday? :p)

    I was thinking I'd take a look at Different Eyes this weekend, by the way ;)
    Ah. I am blessed with a class that's fairly intelligent and prudent (I think the grade average in my class across all subjects is 5.4 (6 is the highest possible grade in Norway)), which is really nice. Though most of them are more of the studious sort and not the "genius/reflected person" sort, so while they're certainly livable, I haven't found any friends in that class. Doesn't help that none of them share my hobbies either.

    I can see how such a day is anything but fun, though. Exam stress is something I haven't had for a long time (thank God for only having two subjects this year... most people have between ten and fifteen every year, but I completed most during my first three years), and won't have for some time >.>; The weather's actually been decent, with temperatures in the twenties and sun >.>; tomorrow there's a cosplay picnic/hanami in town, so I hope the weather keeps up.

    I find the notion of saying that someone "does not have a life" ridiculous. Everyone has their own hobbies and things they wish to do, or have to do, and just because those don't agree with your own preconceptions about what is a worthy way of spending your time, does not mean one can go around saying that a person with said difference in interests has no life.
    Yes, okay, that's fine. And it's not that I feel unimportant, i was merely wondering if you'd manage a read-through before this weekend, as I want to post it then - nothing more, nothing less :p We all have our plans I won't go around expecting everybody to prioritize me first (or, actually, I do, I shouldn't say it out loud :p)
    Not that I really enjoy bugging people about these kinds of things, but have you taken a look at the fic yet/ do you know when you might be able? I would like to be able to post it this weekend (but no pressure)
    Sorry I haven't reviewed Different Eyes, the other fics I read keep updating and whenever I get a chance to read something happens.
    Same xD I just started my new term but I already have to start to study seriously.
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