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  • So I was wondering if you could read this fic I have called Welcome to our World.
    Yes, the forums do kinda allow you to free yourself, am I right?

    Yeah, it's mostly either that or the fact that it's a country of criminal.

    Haha, really? A katana sounds cool. xD Oh and, how much of a weaboo? Do you watch anime?
    I understand being passionate about certain issues, and I'm certainly all for standing up against prejudice. But no matter what environment you come from, the thing about morality that no one ever wants to acknowledge is that it's just as subjective as anything else in this world. It's perfectly moral for someone to say "I don't believe homosexual people should be able to get married." It's also perfectly moral for someone to say "I do believe that homosexual people should be able to get married." There isn't any moral right or moral wrong, just each individual's perspective and background coming together to create their own worldview and beliefs of right and wrong. Therefore, one person's morality isn't any less valid than anyone else's, even if that morality happens to go against your personal moral code - does that make sense?

    You can get slammed with flaming in PMs, too, just so you know.

    Take your time :) I'm still trying to get the next chapter off it's feet, so you won't have to worry about it updating under your nose or anything.
    I understand that, I tend to get heated up about certain subjects as well, there's no saying what I'll end up ranting about when debating with either strongly religious or strongly antitheistic people; I like to defend both antitheism and religion at the same time, so if people get close-minded either way I usually feel like telling them to put their shitty ideas up that one place the sun never shines - but then I remind myself I can't do that, since their heads are already occupying that spot.

    And yeah. You see what I mean. And walls of text bother me not - the longer the conversation, the more enjoyable - at least with people like you who have a cohesive manner of speech.
    I find that very interesting, really. I myself have typical traits from both sides of the gender spectrum, and I partake in both stereotypical boy's talk and behavior (cars, sports and "macho" stuff), but I'm also quite the emotional/sensitive person, and I often find myself engaging with female friends in typical "girls' talk", be that matters of emotions, "boys" (and, well, girls), and so forth. I also reject the notion that genders are defined by anything but the biological differences that sexual organs and differences constitute - and while I recognize that a female and male's brains typically are different, that isn't a big factor in personality.

    But I very much think of, and identify myself, as a boy. And I like genders, I see no reason not to like having genders, because it's a natural, biological thing. All the cultural aspects about gender, however, I'd very much like to stow away in the ninth circle of hell for all eternity. I also see your points about the gender spectrum. For me, as I said, I only think "either you're a boy, a girl, or you're born with a (biological) "defect". Everything else is a cultural aspect and your personality, no more, no less. And if my use of the word "defect" should unnerve you, I should clarify that I find nothing wrong in people born with a mixture of sexual organs, but from a strictly empirical view it's a biological defect in a dual-gendered species such as humans.

    Ah! Thanks. I do feel pretty darn great. You should too - who knows, someday we may have legends written about the schoolings we gave people.
    :lol: A swarm of "right wing nonsense" is the last thing you have to worry about here. Sure, we've got a few conservative members, but we're a large group of people, and that's bound to happen. It's not like it means they're any different from anyone else. But you'll fit right at home, if the campaign bus is anything like the real world used to be.

    Ah...yeah, it is really hard to do. You can't back down, you're making a stand for what you believe in, that's all well and good...until you realize that nothing changed. That was my "pet" issue as well. But there are better ways to stand up for it than taking any semblance of moral high ground here. Ultimately, we're all here because we love Pokémon, not because we all have a strong love of political shouting. I know it'll be difficult, and I'm not saying that if someone makes an error that you can't correct them, but sometimes it's best just to ignore it and be secure in your own knowledge of what's right. Getting in the faces of people you disagree with because you can't back down is a guaranteed way to end up with a warning or even an infraction.

    It just comes down to the fact that some people just have a different moral code than you. That doesn't make it wrong, and it especially isn't any less valid than yours, so you've got to respect that. It's a difficult lesson to learn, and one I learned the hard way, but it's one that's extremely important. If anyone's spouting anything truly hateful, let the mods handle it.

    Thanks for taking a look at my fic :) I really do appreciate it.
    I'm also kinda shy (even in real life, but it's been getting better as of late) but the compliments just give me motivation.

    Bosnia is indeed nice despite all the stuff you might hear about it. :D

    Well, I know English the best - it's something I learned from the books and movies; school only added to that knowledge. German is the language I can write decently, understand it and speak it fluently. French is admittedly much harder as I have harder time forming sentences or writing due to many rules. As much as I'd love to say I speak French, I merely just understand it (kinda). ^^

    I'd also like to learn Japanese.
    Quite. That particular example was merely hyperbole though, to make my point. And it isn't far from that, I could easily delve philosophically into such matters given a clear head (right now it's filled up with formulas and stuff like that for my Advanced Physics midterm). I spend way too many hors each day philosophizing and reflecting on, well, everything. Most activities I do requires only a very little mental effort (gaming, exercising, reading, watching anime, playing music, aso.), so I find myself even involuntarily thinking about deep matters. It's quite nice, really.

    A question of curiosity - what gender do you identify as, and what are you born as? I remember you said once you were "phenotypically male" or something of that sort, which could imply you aren't genotypically male - and then there's your gender, listed as "genderless".
    Oh it is definitely true, everyone are complimenting you about your writing!

    Wow, you've still been in way more countries than I'll probably ever be though it's great to see someone so ambitious as yourself.

    I'm a Bosnian, I live in Bosnia and Herzegowina. :)

    I'd love to be a polyglot too. I'm actually currently learning French and German in school. ^^

    I hope so, because I'd love to see many things if possible.
    Anyway, it is four in the morning and DEFINITELY bedtime for me. :sweatlol: Um...if it wouldn't be too much trouble, would you mind taking a look at my fic? It's called Heart of Crystal, and it's essentially a story of a nuzlocke run I'm doing of Crystal version right now. I'd really appreciate it, and I'm sorry if this sounds like I'm just plugging it to you. See you tomorrow.
    I know how that feels, on both counts. Honestly, whatever your feelings about religion may be, it's going to be better in the long run if you keep them to yourself. There'll be people with different worldviews than you, and there's nothing you can do about it - I learned that one the hard way. Eventually, I just began to avoid the topics I knew would incense me the most because I knew that if I got too involved, I'd end up saying or doing something that I would regret, and that wouldn't be good for anyone.

    I'm not sure, really. I think you kinda missed the boat. We used to have a section called "The Real World" where people would go to post news articles and stuff. However, every thread inevitably dissolved into the same old arguments-counter arguments, with everyone yelling at each other and making the same cases and the same points and no one's mind ever really got changed. We tried to mitigate it by giving it a subforum specifically for American politics (the worst offender), but that didn't work, so eventually it got split into how you see it now. News of the World is strictly for news, and if you want to talk politics or anything, you need to be invited into Nicoleta's Campaign Bus. I'm not sure if there's any requirements to get in, but I'm assuming a PM to Nico herself can't hurt.

    Well, I'm lucky in that, by this point, I'm high enough on the pecking order that I can register for classes that don't necessarily have to be really early in the morning, so it balances out. I'm not really a morning person anyway, and I'm not exactly one for parties, either. My idea of a wild night is having all my friends over at my apartment for our weekly D&D session. I'm not sure. I want to go to grad school, but I think I'm going to take a year off before I do. I'm considering moving up to Washington state so I can be with my boyfriend and settling into life outside of school and looking for a job. Nothing really concrete, though.
    Well, I can't put any claim to any sort of autism, misanthropy, or anything other than just generally not liking to be around people, I'm afraid :lol:

    Yeah...there was a reason I stayed out of that thread in my initial post. The mods here are fair, but really harsh towards flaming. Honestly, perceived religious intolerance or not, in cases like that, it's better to just let it slide, especially since the Workshop is not the place for debating those kinds of topics. Just trust me on this one - it's better not to get incised. If you had just corrected Shiny Gengar by saying something like "The proper term is Islam, not Muslim", then it might have slid, but calling them ignorant made it slip into flaming territory (however true it might have been). There's no reason to be mean about someone being incorrect, after all - save that for the political threads :p

    Ahaha, I'm IN university right now, and my sleep schedule is absolutely horrid. I haven't gotten to bed before four in the morning for a few days now, and it's mostly because of homework. Just because your schedule of classes isn't as regimented as it was before doesn't mean that your sleep will be spared. I'll be done and graduated at the end of the year, though, so hopefully that will give me a chance to settle down into a more regular sleep schedule. But you're right, having friends in other time zones doesn't exactly help, especially since, being in California, I'm always behind everyone :p
    Well, we're more open than most seem to be :) if an intorvert like myself can find a place here, I'm sure you can.

    Heh, yeah, but you'd think I'd be used to them by now. I'll be so glad when I graduate at the end of the quarter, I'll finally be able to start sleeping on a somewhat sane schedule without homework to keep me awake.
    Well, yeah. After all, vet or not, we're all a community, here. It doesn't matter if you've been here for years or if you just registered yesterday - if you've got something to contribute, you'll be listened to, and either way you'll be welcomed in. It's a nice place to be. You already seem to be making a pretty big splash in the workshop.

    Sorry again for the misunderstanding about when you joined. Like I said, it was three or four in the morning, so I was probably looking at the wrong date.
    I wouldn't mind, your story's backstory seems pretty interesting so I could give it a read, I gotta finish with this other fic first. I didn't get a chance to finish today because...stupid blackout happened.
    I thought I had replied to that one.

    Actually we do have a review exchange system, or did but it didn't work people here just aren't easy to get to review. I mean you can organize for review exchanges but you don't know when the person will actually be able to review; I usually always try to keep up though.
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