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  • Wow, that sounds like an ambitious goal, I wish you all the best in accomplishing it. You are certainly a remarkable writer and I can easily see you becoming a famous author. Traveling the world is also a plus, I've always wanted to travel the world.

    Well, I am in my senior year of high school. I was planning to study English or German (English actually isn't my first language nor is German, in fact) but I've been thinking as of late about actually signing up for German as the likehood of finding a job after finishing German study is much easier. I still don't know though. What do I know is that I also wish to travel the world, see many interesting place and meet other people. That seems to be just a vast dream right now, though.
    Alright then, just thought I could make an assumption.

    So, you are a student of creative writing, are you aiming to become a writer?
    If I may notice, geothermal heating was mentioned in one of your chapters. Thus I can't help but to feel like that the facility might be set somewhere on the Sevii Islands? Mt. Ember perhaps? Or am I completely wrong? xD
    Thanks, it's good to hear that!

    Well, I fixed the link. The thread was on the first page, anyway. xD
    Eh? But under your avatar it said you joined the 22nd of April...of course, this could just be me derping about. It is four in the morning where I am :lol:

    I was talking originally about getting yourself established in the community in the workshop, but since I have apparently made a rather spectacular miscalculation, I'd like to ask you just to ignore that...
    I felt I should properly introduce myself, seeing as how I've looked at and responded to a few of your threads in the Workshop ^_^;; It kinda surprised me that you only registered yesterday. You don't waste any time getting your foot in the door, huh? :p
    Just wanted to say hi since I've seen you around the writer's workshop and all that.

    I'm good, though I'm going through a fever right now.
    You'll also find that my work is rather hard to find here, because I haven't been active as an author for ten months now.
    Well, whatever you do, don't take my earlier work as your first impression. I was definitely less experienced and more prone to doing things I wouldn't do now back then.
    Same philosophy when it comes to writing (at least when it doesn't deal with avoidance of clichés).
    Take your time as I'm currently six chapters in and you'll find the link in my signature.
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