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10th Bulbaversary!

Cap'n Jack

I will burn my dread!
Aug 18, 2011
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Well, it finally happened - double-digits! I assume that 98% of people reading this will not know who I am, but I was active from 2011 to about 2013 or so. I made many, many formative memories here since I was ages 14-16 in those years and also very weird. I still consider this place my Internet base camp, even if I only use it these days to respond to some old pals who message me once in a while. I remember when I first joined, all those ages ago, nobody had had a 10th Bulbaversary, and I looked at the earliest join dates for some of the admins in amazement. Now those people are coming up on a 20th Bulbaversary. Crazy how math works!

Nobody look at my join date and call me out for missing my Bulbaversary by a few weeks. Surprisingly, I'm actually busy now! This is the busiest I've ever been in my life (I almost feel like an adult). In the past year I've gotten:

  • Out of mom's place
  • A driver's license
  • A full-time job that sucks less than Walmart did
  • A girlfriend

If you were here in that 2011-2013 time frame (back when YouTube was good), you might remember a funny little user by the name of @pokemoll - well... I told myself I'd never do a long-distance relationship but it'll be a year in December since she got me to cave in and see what a sweet, patient and loving person she is. She tracked me down from across the Internet because she remembered me! I even got reacquianted with @Pyradox - I'm glad that teenage drama is definitively dead and buried now.

I'm tempted to make a list of what I've done in the past ten years, but that would take a lot of brain power, and I'm busy now. Plus that list would be probably make me sad. Instead, I'll just say that I formed relationships here that still exist today and only grow deeper with every year. I love my pals in the Planetary Pit Stop, and I must say that the current Discord Age is even more active now than the Forumotion Age or the Social Group Age ever were! Reconnecting with old friends from the early days, like the previous two users mentioned, is always fun, and we make new ones, too! The Pit Stop is one of my favorite things in life and has been for years.

Besides the Pit Stop I also have a longtime friend in @Fennel - and again, we speak more often right now than ever before (well, before I got super busy). Can you believe we used to go as long as a year without sending a PM? Do you even check here anymore, will you ever see this? I'll let you find it yourself. ;P

If this were any other site on the Net, I would have no compulsion to come back and commemorate this anniversary. But BMGf is where I spent my most formative years on the Internet, and it has a permanent spot in my history. Now I'll see how y'all have kept the place maintained for me. I'm actually playing Sword right now! This marks the second time I've been caught up with the series that brought us all here. Lol.

Thanks for reading!
( ∩ˇωˇ∩)♡ I love you sooooooo much!!!!

Weird how after all these years of inactivity and growing out of being teenagers who spend way too much of their free time on a Pokemon forum into adults who spend way too much of their free time on a Discord server, we still consider Bulba our 'home', right??

That being said, am I allowed to flaunt some authority on account of having joined Bulba a year before you? No? Okay.
I guess you have some authority... even if you were the baby of the Pit Stop.
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