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American Politics Thread

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He’s left Walter Reed. Shortly before that, he tweeted he’ll return to the campaign trail “soon.” Whatever happens now is in God’s hands.
I think that the issue you mentioned in your post about voter apathy is relevant worldwide, and not exclusive to the United States of America. We had elections a couple of years ago here in Australia, and Scott Morrison spoke about the so-called "Quiet Australians" who didn't follow the election or got involved in politics. Some of the issues I think that has emerged as a result of voter apathy is that politicians have stopped looking after the interests of the community and begun focusing on the interests of the rich such as cuts to services that ordinary people rely on everyday and tax cuts for the rich. And we have the budget tomorrow night, so I would be watching it to see which services will suffer cuts so Josh Frydenberg (our Federal Treasurer) can deliver tax cuts to the rich.

That's a good point! Thanks for the picture and anecdote about Australians. I don't know what the statistics regarding voter apathy around different nations might be like (or want to go look for them right this very moment), but for now, I can imagine that most assortments of elected officials, with their own constituents and varied ideas of government function, that convene together to somehow make policy will churn out results that tend to dis-satisfy most people. There is also the need for re-election to keep their jobs, leading to the tilt that you noted, effectively catering to the rich (and the special interests). These things put together will make people disillusioned, leading to apathy.

I'm not sure the degree to which apathy and lower turnout is correlated with voter suppression (contrasting enabling and "opt-out / default-in"), but I imagine it's significant. It certainly deals with a people's and sub-populations' political culture, too. Anecdotally, I hear from a Japanese citizen that political apathy in Japan, too, is high, especially among youth. (I can't find the conversational support details right now, unfortunately.)

I think what Trump has done in the past 4 years should be enough to wake Americans up from their political apathy because if Americans don't wake up, then it will get worse.
As for US President 45,
[copy-pasting myself from somewhere]
I would agree with you, but then I think I wouldn't...

I think everyone gives too much credit for people to be 'reasonable'. Specifically saying this in a more technical and a less normative/judgmental sense. Psychological pitfalls are too strong, and I think any one person's field of view is both too small (in data availability & processing ability) & too clouded to be able to expect a fully clear view. Not to mention the existing and rising spectre of technology-boosted disinformation.

Beliefs are basically (partly subconsciously) chosen, and driven by various institutions/cultures that you're embedded in, or are important to you; beliefs are often-enough not-based on reality. Even when faced with facts that are hard to swallow, people tend to interpret them in ways that reinforce existing beliefs.

And after four years, if it didn't happen by month 1, month 3, year 1, or year 3, there will be some that see the situation with new eyes, but way too many who do not.

I hope the budget cut turned out to be somewhat reasonable! Or, at least manageable.
Joe Biden addressed one thing at the town hall on NBC tonight nobody has yet to address. The 20-30 year old Americans who are struggling with crippling debt and finding a well paying job even with college degrees. He finally acknowledged us. He spoke about reducing student loan debt, living wages, and first time homebuyer down payment credit.
Kamala Harris and Mike Pence will debate in just one day. I'm hoping to see Kamala utterly eviscerate that disgusting homophobic fake Christian. Remember when she tore Brett Kavanaugh a new one? Hoping to see a repeat performance. Also, I think its safe to say this debate won't be as big of a disaster as the last.
The bottom might be falling out for Trump. A national poll from CNN out today has Biden up 16 points while a Monmouth University Poll shows Biden up 12 in Pennsylvania.
Is it normal that I'm thinking he's doing this on purpose and out of spite?
Given that he was likely infected before the first debate with Biden (he got there too late to be tested, presumably on purpose), and now Pence objecting to extra safety measures for the VP debate, I think it’s fair to wonder if there’s malicious intent.

Oh, and now he’s calling off all COVID relief negotiations until after the election. Just great.
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