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Contest Beautifly vs. Dustox

I would vote for Dustox because it looks a bit different in design to other bugs, but it is really lame in the anime and the rise of Volcorana has made me generally hate moths.
Beautifly. It's way cuter and even though it sucks as a battler, it's great for contests; I use it for beauty contests in Emerald.
You see both of them paired up for double battles alot in double battles and They both actually have very opposing move sets. I do prefer the move sets and appearance of dustox. It has moves such as Moonlight which I like.
Hmm, both are bad for me. Beautifly gets my vote though, because of it's hidden ability Rivalry. A Quiver Dance + Rivalry boosted Bug Buzz could do a good deal of damage.
Dustox. One of the few Pokemon capable of making Jessie feel sorrow...you know it has to be amazing :)
Neither, as Dustox is ugly and can't hit hard and has no use for Compoundeyes, and Beautifly is boring, and I like Vivillon and even Butterfree better.
Beautifly mainly cause I like butterflies. I don't really like moths, but Dustox is okay, though it's not even my favorite moth Pokemon (that goes to Frosmoth).
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