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Contest Beautifly vs. Dustox

Beautifly is better than Dustox, mostly design-wise.
I don't know... they both have their uses, and I love the designs of both for different reasons. Never used either on a team... I'd call them really even, actually. I'll throw my vote at Dustox since he's under-represented.
Dustox is something I'd never have on my team. Well, so is beautifly but I did when I was like 11.

So yeah, beautifly.
Beautifly, because I find it pretty.

I have, on several occasions, not used a powerful Pokemon because of it's appearance (Infernape comes to mind immediately)
Dustox. I've never been that big of a fan of Beautifly's design and I also like moths. That and every time I catch a Wurmple, it always evolves into a Dustox.
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