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Contest Blaziken VS Infernape VS Emboar

Re: Blaziken VS Infernape VS Enbuoo

Surprisingly, Emboar. He can learn a variety of new attacks, and has extremely high attack.
Re: Blaziken VS Infernape VS Enbuoo

Blaziken, the fighting chicken.
Re: Blaziken VS Infernape VS Enbuoo

Cockfighting rooster Vs Journey To the West Monkey Vs Journey to the West Pig? That's a hard decision, actually.

I'll say Enbuoo, because I've always wanted a Fire Pig for a starter.
Re: Blaziken VS Infernape VS Enbuoo

Which do you prefer?

Which is the most useful?

Why do you hate Enbuoo?
Another fire/fighting...seriously?...

Which would you use?

WINNER - Infernape!
Re: Blaziken VS Infernape VS Enbuoo

Which do you prefer?

Blaziken. I always loved since I got Ruby. Now with Speed Boost and boosted High Jump Kick, its laughing at Infernape and Enbouu.

Which is more useful?

Currently, Blaziken.

Why do hate Enbouu?

Rehash of a rehash. ...Yeah, that doesn't excite me.

Which one would you use?


Enbouu seems like a mix of Hariyama and Magmortar.

Hariyama's Stats and Magmortar's look. Quite similar.
Re: Blaziken VS Infernape VS Enbuoo

Infernape has been my favorite fire starter since it came out. I used Blaziken frequently in Gen III, but I never felt compelled to do so, the other starters had their appeal too. Infernape on the other hand has been the only starter I beat any of the Gen IV games with.

As for Emboar, I want to use him, but I can't bring myself to choosing him over a Mijumaru or even Tsutarja. I don't like the design, and the stats just don't appeal to me. He shoulda been a plain fire type instead of fire/fighting, especially since the first gym isn't a rock type.
Re: Blaziken VS Infernape VS Enbuoo

Blaziken was my first and favorite pokemon ever.Blaziken was the original fire/fighting starter. Blaziken would win even without speed boost or improved high jump kick.
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Re: Blaziken VS Infernape VS Enbuoo

I'm going with Infernape. I like his high speed.
Re: Blaziken VS Infernape VS Enbuoo

Blaziken. IEven though its not my favorite, it's my third. I love it. It's great.
Emboar, as I like its cry, Shiny form and the fact it can learn Scald. Infernape is alright, but Blaziken is just ugly and overrated.
Blaziken and Emboar >>>>>> Infernape

I actually really like Blaziken's and Emboar's whole line, and their designs are great imo. I never really liked Infernape or the rest of it's line as I'm not fond of most primates in general, and I don't particularly care about it being inspired by Sun Wukong/Son Goku. (nothing against the legend, but this particular inspiration is pretty bland)
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