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Bulbagarden Staff AMA Thread

Are you looking forwards to anything in the future?
Getting back into learning Japanese and potentially learning Spanish in the future. Playing a few games in the future, working on music.
Also, what's your favorite indie game you've played?
Tough question, depends on the genre I guess?
Ambient Horror / Exploration - Yume Nikki
Horror - Corpse Party
Metroidvania - Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils
RPG - Epic Battle Fantasy series and NOYO~!
Beat'em Up - Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds

What got you into Pokemon? Kind of a big question, but, yeah, that's it!!
Had a friend introduce it to me when I was 4-5 years old. First thing they ever taught me was how to get Missingno. to appear. I started to collect cards here and there after that and eventually got a Gameboy Colo with Pokemon Gold being my first game for the series. Played it for hours on end on the weekends, was a lot of fun.
Favorite holiday?

What's your favorite type of Pokemon?
I notice most of my favorites are Ghost, Psychic, or Fairy.
wait, am I allowed to answer these now too?

What's your favorite type of Pokemon?
Steel, Ground, Psychic, and Electric are my favorites (in that order, usually). Not just in terms of the Pokémon themselves, but also what moves and abilities they generally have.

Also, what's your favorite indie game you've played?
This is an old question, but I really wanted to say how great Undertale and Deltarune are. And Cave Story, everyone should go play Cave Story if they haven't yet. (also, I haven't actually played Cuphead yet, but I'm still so astounded by its development and art direction that I'm going to give it an honorable mention anyhow)

And a question of my own: If you were a Pokémon, which Ability would you have?
Favorite holiday?
Christmas! Delicious food and family together, there's nothing more I can ask for :giggle:.

What's your favorite type of Pokemon?
Ghost ♥

And a question of my own: If you were a Pokémon, which Ability would you have?
Probably Contrary, consciously or unconsciously I tend to have opinions or tastes that are not very common, or simply a yearning to be different. This is a trait of my personality since I was a very little girl. A few months ago my family was talking about baseball teams from my country, my whole family supports the same team. I don't even like to watch that sport but when I was about five years old I claimed many times that I was part of another team just to say something different from the rest, when I told them this one of my aunts said "That's normal for you" and laughed :ROFLMAO:.

Pixilate would also be a great option, due to my big love for fairy tales and mythology ♥
Am I allowed to respond to questions that were asked before I was a staff member? I don't know. Might as well unless someone tells me not to.
what are your favorite Second stage starters?
  • Drizzile for being so emo in a charming and campy way.
  • Braixen - Probably mostly because of the anime, but idk. Something about them is nice.
  • Brionne - Very cute :)
  • Torracat - I just think they're neat. I like Incineroar, but I sort of like Torracat more.
Also... asking everyone, if you guys were a Pokémon Type, which one (or two) would you be? :cool:
I think my answer changes every time I'm asked this question, but for now it's Dark/Psychic.
For everyone...What part of Pokemon would you like to get into more but can't because of time? For example manga, competitive, etc...
Literally every aspect of it. Due to several factors (having to feel like I'm being productive every second of the day, hyperfixating on research instead of actually playing the games, getting anxiety from reading the manga for some reason, big gaming backlog, and so many other things), I regret to inform you all that I'm a fake fan of Pokémon :eek:
What non-Pokemon media do you think it's underrated and why would you recommend it?
* Hands you retro EPCOT symbols and architecture and vibes * take this, my child
What music do you all listen to?
Whatever sparks the good things in my head.
What is your favorite animal?
Penguins :)
Spambots? I've never seen a spambot on this site.
Oh, past Torchic was a naive lad.
What's you're favorite TV show?
I don't really watch a lot of TV, but I remember watching some Disney Afternoon shows on Disney Plus and enjoying them. Columbo is also really good.
How much time do you spend on Bulbagarden? Also, how many notifications, on average, do you have every time you go onto the forums?
I always have the tab open to Bulbagarden on an Incognito window
Favorite books/book genres?
I used to be able to read books and now I can't :confused: I've been enjoying Dracula, though.
Favorite food?
Rice, bread, pistachios, mochi, and pasta.
What is your favorite forum game @Maniacal Engineer , and anyone else who would like to answer
So, what about favourite videogames? Any Civilization series players here?
Pokémon, Tomodachi Life, and Animal Crossing.
Also Mario and Sonic at the 2012 London Olympic Games.
Which combination of two SpongeBob characters are you?
Funny story: my mom hates Spongebob and wouldn't let me watch it, and I remember having to be bribed with Spongebob to behave at church (great now I'm having flashbacks to a separate time to when my kindergarten teacher yelled at me for not behaving in church... Now I want the upside down smile emoji)

I don't really know much about Spongebob so... Sponge and Bob

Also take this (CW//Brief moment with a gun)
Do you like fall?
Am I mildly terrifying?
Do any of the mods speak other languages?
What is your favorite holiday?

Puedo hablar español, pero puedo escribir mejor.
Ξέρω μόνο λίγα Ελληνικά.
Język polski... język polski... gosh darn it I need to get better at Polish.

And because quotes got weird...
Christmas probably. Dyngus Day is also cool.
What's the funniest thing you remember seeing here?
2021's April Fools event/ Also @kintsugi 's shitposts will always get a laugh out of me :)
I'm sorry if any of you have answered this before, but who's your favorite Gym Leader/Elite Four Member/Champion/Protagonist/Battle Person/Villain/other human character and why?
If it wasn't obvious:

Gym Leader: Winona and Wallace
Elite Four: Will and Karen and Malva and Siebold and Kahili and Glacia and...
Champion: Steven and Wallace
Protagonist: Kris and Serena
Battle Person: Lucy and Anabel and Tucker
Villain: Ghetsis and Lusamine and (Spoilers for Legends Arceus) Volo
Trial Captain: Kiawe and Mina
Kahuna: Olivia and Hapu
Other Human Character: Joe (Battle Revolution)
What’s your (your plural) favorite color?
Turquoise and pink and lavender and bluish purple and scarlet and violet and oh shoot
what made you want to become moderators?
The desire for power in a world in which I am powerless

...Wait I'm supposed to not give my villain motivations? Fine.

I started posting fanfics here in March of last year. The writing community here is great, but I want to make it even greater. I want to help foster a really good and supportive community of writers. I want to be the writing friend group I never got.
also, do you like ranch on pizza? (i get mine with ranch instead of pizza sauce, then i put lots of jalapenos on)
No, but you know what's good on pizza? ("Pineapple?") Well yes, but you know what else? ("Potatoes?") Yeeeeees, but you know what else? Chicken, barbecue sauce, and onions. Please go to California Pizza Kitchen. Good stuff.
nintendo, sony, or microsoft? (or pc, i guess)
Which are you getting: Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl? Or are you not getting them and waiting until Arceus (which is what I'll be waiting for)?
I got Brilliant Diamond and Los Angeles... I mean Lifetime Achievement... I mean Legends Arceus.
KFC, Pizza Hut or Wendys?
Pizza Hut.
Favourite sport?
Esports :p
Dogs or Cats?
Doggos and Cats (2019)
Your favourite rival (Blue, Silver, Barry, etc)?
For people who ship ships, what are your favorite ships? (Pokémon or non Pokémon)
cracks knuckles. Okay. It's time for go

Like LG, I tend to say "this character is queer because I said so". I do the same for headcanons in general, but the most relevant part of this answer is that I have a tendency of saying that a character is gay/bi/pan/ace/etc. and/or trans/nonbinary/genderqueer/etc. for no reason other than I felt like it (ex. headcanoning Wallace as genderqueer and pan which led to me realizing I might be nonbinary and bi or pan but anyway). If you headcanon or ship something different form me, that's really epic and valid. I'm just a mod in the Writer's Workshop, not the Arbiter of What to Think About Fictional Characters.

  • GracefulShipping (Wallace x Winona) - My first and biggest ship. I shipped it before finding out it was canon, then I threw out canon because I could. I just think they look neat together.
  • AquaHeartShipping (Nessa x Sonia) - I shipped them as soon as a saw them. They are wholesome girlfriends and I love them
  • SabotageShipping (Wallace x Winona x Steven) - So in case you haven't been on the internet, there's a bit of a, uh, ship war between Gracefulshippers and Originshippers, and Skarmoryshippers exist... out there...somewhere. The problem is I like all three ships. The solution? Polyamory. I am the first and, so far, only person to ship it on Tumblr or Deviantart or Pixiv.
  • FemmeGymShipping (Sabrina x Erika) - Goth/stoic gf and soft/flower girl gf is a good trope now and always
  • FleurdeGrandeShipping (Grant x Viola) - The anime. That is all I'll say.
  • FrostedFairyShipping (Siebold x Valerie) - I just think they're neat.
  • FeastShipping (Grant x Valerie x Siebold) - I just think they're neat.
  • TrueRivalShipping (Raihan x Leon) - Give me rivals to lovers yes good stuff
  • DarkSteelShipping (Steven x Cynthia) - Hot, edgy nerds in love ftw
  • AoShipping (Riley x Cheryl) - Brooding Boy and Soft Girl? Okay maybe Riley isn't brooding, so Cool Boy and Cute Girl? Yes
  • MasakudoShipping (Will x Karen) - They are criminal pranksters in love
  • AirplaneShipping (Elesa x Skyla) - At this point my answer to "why do you like X ship" is just "Idk I just think they would be cute together"
  • SteelLairShipping (Jasmine x Clair) -
  • PikeMaidenShipping (Anabel x Lucy) - To an extent, it's similar to why I like FemmeGymShipping. Also the potential for Faller chaos.
  • MonolithShipping (Brock x Olivia) - The Anime. Also Brock and Olivia deserve happiness.
  • SacredShipping (Morty x Eusine) - Give me idiots in love
  • RockSmashShipping (Roxanne x Brawly) - NERD AND JOCK! I will never not love nerd x jock.
  • MossShipping (Roark x Gardenia) - I just think they're cute together, idk
  • DualRivalShipping (Cheren x Bianca) - See AoShipping
  • PinkPaintShipping (Ilima x Mina) - I think they would be funny together
  • AquariumPlantShipping (Mallow x Lana) - See MossShipping
  • HardenShipping (Archie x Maxie) - Enemies to Lovers. That is all.
  • Kris x Leaf
  • Red x Blue
  • Juan x Kabu
  • Milo x Piers
  • Legends Arceus Iscan x Palina. The MOMENT I saw them together I shipped them. And the ANGST!!!!
  • So many other ships. Sooooooooo many others.

And for non Pokémon ships:

  • Bugs x Daffy
  • Veronica Swayer x Betty Finn (Movie)/Heather McNamara (Musical)
  • Cloud Strife x Corrin (Fire Emblem)
  • Joker (Persona 5) x Peach (Mario)
  • Probably some others but I'm tired

A question for my fellow mods: which of my many, many qualities is your favourite?
Your based opinions on Champions.
what is your favorite part of the forums?
Writer's Workshop, though I might be biased.
What was the first video game that you can remember playing?
Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks or the Yoshi game for the GBC that I can't remember or find
What's your favorite season (spring, summer, fall, or winter) and why?
Spring is pretty nice
How would you describe your fashion sense?
Androgynous. Casually, it's t-shirts and long pants. Anything a little fancier is dress shirts and dress pants. Sometimes I wear dresses
Are you an early bird or a night owl?
Such an early bird that I get up at 3 or 5 in the morning every day and then go back a sleep and then get up at 8 or 9 in the morning. I also stay up until 12 or 1 in the morning.
What's your favorite drink?
Anything at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge.
What is/are your less favourite pokémon/s
Bruxish. I don't hate any Pokémon, but Bruxish is ugly.
Can you cook? (If you can), what's your favorite thing to make?
I can make mug muffins and hot chocolate with almond milk.
If u could eliminate 1 pokémon forever, which one would u pick?
None. They are all fine and okay.
What is you favorite part of the holiday season?
The lights :)
Did you have pleassent holidays?
A bit stressful, but it was fine overall.
Do you have any pets??
I have a norfolk terrier!
How much time do you spend online?
Too much :p
Did u ever stopped liking pokémon for a while?
I did! As a teacher I'm still thankfully on break, but I'm going to have to put in some time over the next few days lesson planning and grading so I'll be ready for next week lol I've been pretty lazy this break, which has been a good thing overall for me mentally.
Not a question, but I keep forgetting that you're a teacher and also a chief of staff on Bulbagarden.
What are you expecting in your 2022?
What's your dream place to live?
Living in it as we speak! (Though I would also love to live in San Fransisco.)
What's ur fav gen of pokémon?
Gen 6
What's your favorite reaction thingy? like the whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? one, or why not?
Best thing you've ever eaten?
Bordeaux chocolates from See's candy
How was (or is!?!?) school for you?
Eh. It's a mixed bag. It was all downhill after 6th grade.
How do you feel about leaks? Do you try to avoid them or do you actively follow them?
I casually try to avoid them.
Which main series Pokemon games (released after your first one) have you skipped and why?
None of them
What is your favourite app/website?
Pokémon Masters, despite the fact that I haven't played in months
Favorite type of cuisine (if that makes sense?)
Polish cuisine. Pierogis are good stuff
Are you looking forwards to anything in the future?
Moving out of the house
Also, what's your favorite indie game you've played?
Haven't played a lot of indie games. Do online car games count? Those are fun.
What got you into Pokemon? Kind of a big question, but, yeah, that's it!!
The summer of Pokémon GO.

And for my other mods: Do you write/have you written fanfiction?
And for my other mods: Do you write/have you written fanfiction?
Yes, but not since I was a little kid. I once (I think I was 10 or 11) wrote a fanfic about Ash challenging a Steel-type Gym and it got published on a Dutch Pokémon website. I remember being so proud of that at the time :') But yeah, I used to be a lot more creative when I was younger, it's definitely something I should get back into one day.
And for my other mods: Do you write/have you written fanfiction?
yep :bulbaWave:

I've pretty much always liked making stories featuring my favorite series/characters, but it was usually in the form of drawing comics or something. I only started writing fanfic when I learned what "fanfic" even meant, so I was probably about 10 or so. (and I was writing it on real physical paper in a notebook ahhh :confused:)

Anyway, I've been doing it in my spare time ever since. I've always been too shy to share any of it publicly, but it's a fun creative outlet to have.
And for my other mods: Do you write/have you written fanfiction?
I do, but I'm not always the best about finishing projects. You may have noticed that little link down in my signature, and how it's been literally a year since I've updated the story in question. I do plan to get started again and hopefully get it guided to a finish soon, but for some reason back then I kinda fell off at some point and kept saying "I'll totally update tomorrow" but then I don't and then it kinda just becomes awkward at a certain point.
In general I think I'm mostly just a little better at shorter, one-off stories that don't give me time to fall off, since I've done plenty of those for writing games in a discord server I'm in. I should really collect all of those and port them over here or AO3 or something. I do have longer ideas I want to write at some point though, so I'll have to figure something out if I ever wanna get those down and completed within any reasonable timeframe.

You should see the stories I've written in my head, though! Expansive, sprawling plots with such impeccable characters!
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