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the hot take thread

My hot (trashy) take is that the fragrance in the basic Herbal Essences shampoo & conditioner is unmatched. I always notice when someone uses this and I wish there was a body spray and/or perfume that smelled exactly like their hair car products.
Going back to the cereal takes, I:
1) Put the milk in before the cereal
2) Heat up the milk for 1:30 in the microwave before I put the cereal in (if it’s cereal first, it gets a head start on getting soggy)

90% of foods I can’t stand to eat when they’re cold, and milk is no exception.
I try not to be gatekeepy when it comes to fandoms and such, but I have to drop this hot take:
If you say that you're a fan of a character but you've completely and deliberately mischaracterized them to the point where the only similarities between how you view the character and how they're depicted in canon is 'they have the same name and same appearance' (and even the latter isn't guaranteed either) and utterly refuse to engage with or discuss the actual canon depiction of the character, then you are not actually a fan of the character.

You've just created an OC at that point and that's fine. Hell, I'd say that's actually great - you've created a completely original character (or even a completely original universe, depending on how far you've gone), I just don't see the need to pretend that it's still the same character or fictional universe as where the basic seeds of your concept originated from, y'know?
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