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Bulbagarden user appreciation thread

Jun 30, 2020
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Give a shout-out here to your fellow users for any reason you care to give! Whether they're helpful, insightful, constructive or just plain nice to chat with, show them some love!

I'm firstly going to give some kudos to @SpinyShell - not only are they a great contributor to a lot of threads, but what you may not realise is just how helpful Spiny is to the staff team. If Spiny spots something out of place, be it odd new accounts or dodgy posts, they'll mash that report button to let us know something is up and help us do our jobs. It's no overstatement to say that Spiny plays a significant part in helping keep this place as clean, friendly and orderly as it is.

My second shout-out goes to @Esserise, which is probably no surprise to any of you who've seen his reaction score. Despite some frankly offensive quaint views on British men's fashion, pretty much every post he ever makes is a well-constructed, beautifully-written contribution to the topic at hand with the context, facts and numbers to back it up. I rarely disagree with him on much, but when I do I know it'll just be a difference of taste or perspective that he'll handle like a gentleman.
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@Max1996 is a good friend who's supported me throughout the time I've spent here on these Forums.

@TRNatalie is a really kind and wonderful person whose positive attributes can't be praised enough. She's a fun person with a lot of imagination, and seeing her being active here always brings me joy.
@LazySpy is definitely a person who's got a lot of imagination too. Thinking back to the stuff he's written is a pleasantly nostalgic experience. Same applies to @Max1996 and @TRNatalie. I miss those stories we used to write together...

And @Rainbow Cloud is also a lovable personality. The world could use more people like RC.

My, what a muse. Thank you for these years of friendship. You inspire me as much as I inspire you; and you've got me into such great shows and stuff. I hope your life turns out for the better; I'll keep supporting you whenever I can. I wish you well, my best friend. Keep being you, girl. ^w^

@MegaPod and @Max1996

We started rough for the latter; but through our weird little roleplay called Capture the Shiny n' all, we've certainly gone through quite the adventure. Said adventure, even though I didn't take it so seriously at first; admittedly influenced me by the crapton in terms of writing, which I appreciate, humbly.

@TouyaShiro , same goes for you. It's unfortunate that you eventually left. Your theatrical nature really brings an edge to your writing.
I'm not sure I deserve such a lovely shout-out, but I definitely deserve that roast.

(I do appreciate the kind words.)

@TechSkylander1518 is someone whose posts I read avidly. He approaches everything with good sense and a level head, always constructing arguments that are clear, well-sourced, and engaging. His contributions are always very thoughtful. I don't think I have ever had a conversation with him that I haven't found to be positive and productive.
I have a few I'd love to give a shout-out too!

@System Error For being an awesome friend to me throughout the entire time I've been here, and a cool, sensible dude with a lot of good insight and always gives good feedback on my fics, along with pointing out stuff I missed. Seriously, I am very lucky to have a friend like you.

@unrepentantAuthor Same as above, though we aren't as close as Sys and I are. But their writing topics and advice is always very eloquent, well thought out, and easy to understand. Their professional attitude always helps, too!

@Dhelmise Same as UA. I still look over some of the PMs and concrit they gave me.

@diamondpearl876 We haven't spoken much, but the review they left on MarJour for the Secret Santa one year was not only very helpful, it also helped me learn a lot of things that I didn't know about before, and in a way that was polite, mature, and easy to understand. I still look back at it every now and again. I'd love to get to know them better.
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@Esserise: Regularly analyzes various myths and legends to give in-depth responses to refute a common claim about the Gen 6 cover legendaries
Also Esserise: Tech does a good job of checking Bulbapedia and finding where they got their sources for stuff

Jokes aside let me return the appreciation to Esserise, who regularly has great, detailed insights into all sorts of aspects about Pokemon games! He's also got a great eye for detail with analyzing them, picking up on all sorts of little details that help you appreciate the effort that goes into the finished product!

I was trying to find a recent good example of his analysis and got sidetracked reading through his review of the Ultra Beasts, which is an absolute delight and points out all sorts of new things to love about the UBs, when I was already a big fan! It's almost like one of those classes you enjoy taking- not that I've ever taken a game design/character design class, but that's definitely the vibe I get! It's always a treat seeing his reviews and finding out something new that you didn't pick up!

Also, shout out to @swiftgallade46 and @prog rocker, two people I think do a good job of handling disagreements in debates coolly even while expressing their own opinions on whatever the subject is! I think that helps keep everyone's tempers cool, and I think you're both great mods because of it!
@Rainbow Cloud - for all the awesome banners

@dawn dusk @Max1996 @BigDocFan @Skalesgon @DawningWinds @Chidamari Sketch @captain chib - and a few others I might have missed in the Fun and Games section, always fun to come and see what kind of replies I arrive to

@prog rocker for all the great taste in music

AussieEevee, not sure if they changed name, or not - the one user that helped me and introduced me to Linux Mint

and there used to be one in the past, not sure what name they use now or if they still are around, they went by the name of BadAssGardevoir, who did taught me something about online battles when they used to be fun
and there was another two who I spoke with long ago, user name I can't remember, I do remember simllar to @Darth Darkrai and Emperor Palpitoad - the two that introduced me to the awesome world of Marvel Universe
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