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Music CD/Record (Vinyl) Music Collecting Thread

Mar 6, 2023
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  1. He/Him
CD collecting is sort of dying these days due to streaming though record collecting seems to have sort of a resurgence. (Though still not the biggest thing) I’m more of a CD collector (oddly enough) though I would like to have a small Vinyl collection.

Ever since last year probably, I’ve preferred paper sleeves for CDs instead of jewel cases as jewel cases can crack. I’ve gotten CD’s from Amazon in questionable condition. Some of them arrive cracked or chipped while others arrive perfectly fine. This is one reason why I prefer paper. I also think paper just looks better because it’s much sleeker. It also takes up less storage.

Personally, I don’t think I’d be up for becoming a huge music collector. There’s just quite a bit I’ve already missed out on that seems to be hard to reach out. Besides that, I already have Lego and video game collecting so I probably am collecting enough.

So, does anyone else have any thoughts on music collecting? Do you have a sizeable collection, small collection, or no collection? I’m really curious as I haven’t really seen this talked about much.
I have a sizeable collection of CDs. I've been buying music on CD since 2017 and my personal policy is to buy every album from every artist I love or buying albums that I end up liking from streaming. I've had a few signed at concerts too (after sitting in a parking lot past midnight).

CDs combine the best of analogue and digital. I can pop a CD into any player no matter the age and it will play without question, while I'm also able to rip CDs and store them digitally and play them all from my phone. No dependence on internet connections or the desires of labels/distributors. I can make playlists and burn them on to blank CDs (which I do for anyone who cares). Nowadays, streaming can be on par with CDs in terms of quality but that's determined at the mastering stage. I freely admit that an album originally mastered on vinyl will sound better on vinyl and a digital album sounding better on a digital medium.

After having worked at a record store, I've fallen out of love with vinyl as a medium. They don't have the flexibility of CD's plus they take up much more space. I've sold most of my vinyl collection and have no regrets. My current collection is linked in my signature.

Music is a rather awkward topic in my experience. No use bonding over a medium when a canyon separates the music taste of the people involved. I've had that awkward feeling more than once. A convergence of interest is needed.
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There's a record shop nearby that I go to every now and again, and sometimes they give out free records. As a result, I have amassed a large collection of classical music, film music, and Kingston Trio music. Like, so much Kingston Trio.

I buy some online and/or at bookstores too. That's usually my go-to if I want a specific album or artist.
I do have a CD case with all the discs I was listening to when younger, but have not really touched it for years. Still know exactly where it is, in the mess that is my room's old stuff drawer (alongside insane amounts of paperwork from all my student years, and the low value cards from several TCGs). Also no longer have any CD player around, new laptops do not have that either, dad's old desktop might be the last machine standing capable of playing these at home.

He also has the dusty old vinyl collection and the player for that (we call it pick-up, idk how it is called elsewhere) in the storage room (and if I dig up deep enough on all that stuff there might be an extra CD player too lying around), he would sometimes put these when I was super young for nostalgia's sake, I actually got a core memory unlocked just by thinking about this.

Just talking about CDs makes me feel OLD. Even though I barely got to use VCR for kids movies too, and know where the stuff for that is in the storage also.
Wish I had one, me and my friends found a store with a whole ton of Taylor swift vinyls (with a bunch of alternate release ones too!!) that we wanted to buy but we would have to carry them around during the whole band trip and too much money we didn’t have on us at the time and nothing to play it on

(Taylor swift released these cool CDs for her new album that came with pins and patches and people say they’re really pretty……..plus the album prologue………)
I've started collecting some records! Right now I have several Twenty One Pilots records, including their MTV Unplugged performance (and I've preordered one of the special edition Clancy ones), Sleeping At Last's Atlus: Space, the Majora's Mask remixed Time's End II, and the 10th year anniversary reorchestration of the Journey soundtrack. That's all I can think of off the top of my head that's specifically mine and not my dad's...
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