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Controversial opinions

A Reminder About This Thread - Please Read
  • :bulbagarden: It seems this bears mentioning once more - a reminder that this is the controversial opinion thread. As in, a safe space for users to share opinions that may be disagreed with elsewhere in the AM section. The expectation is that users are respectful here with their comments, for their own posts and that to others.

    If you have something negative to say about an already controversial opinion, please refrain from doing so - this is not the thread for debating unpopular opinions or things you explicitly disagree with. Thank you! :bulbaWave:
    Re-Opening This Thread
  • This thread as well as the Racism and Representation in the Anime thread will now be re-opened for replies. The moderation team would like to remind our users of the following:

    -Please be considerate to other users of our forum. Do not generalize and make sure you are specific when referring to groups of people especially when it comes to issues of racism and bigotry.

    -If you genuinely feel that a member of our forum is showing signs of bigotry, report them immediately.

    -There is nothing wrong with discussing racism or bigotry that you’ve seen in the Pokémon fandom or community at large. This is not considered intersite drama. Just make sure you are explicit in that you are not referring to BG forum users. If you are, then the better thing to do would be to report this to Staff.

    -If you see problematic or rule-breaking behavior report it or message a Staff member privately. Derailing public threads is not a good way to air out grievances.

    -If you have an issue with a moderator or set of moderators, you are always free to message someone else. There are plenty of Staff members who are not directly associated with this section, and there are plenty of levels to our Staff team. Again: handle it privately.

    -Finally, think before you post. If you are angry in the moment and think you are about to post something rude or inflammatory, take a deep breath and come back to it later. Staff can see your deleted posts and we will not hesitate to act on them if we feel it’s necessary.

    With all of that out of the way, we hope people can get back to using this thread appropriately. Thank you for reading.
    Anime & Video Game Controversial Threads - Please post in the appropriate one!
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