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Favorite genre of game?

JRPGs are probably my favorite overall, but I also like survival horror, rhythm games (I really miss Dance Dance Revolution :cry:), some 3D platformers, sim-type stuff, some fighting games (Tekken and Soulcalibur mainly, not that I have ever been particularly good at them lol), and whatever adventure genre you consider stuff like Zelda and Star Fox Adventures.
3D platformers for sure, they often give a sense of exploration and unique level design that 2D platformers don't offer. For my favorites, I simply must give credit to the 3D Mario games. Especially Odyssey, 3D world and galaxy. I'm also partial to puzzle games like Tetris and even the old big brain academy game on the Wii. (I should really play the switch version some more)
i like fast-paced adrenaline-inducing stuff like shooters/shmups/horror games, but also like things like deck builders and dice-based games and really anything that makes me think/strategize (sandboxes are also good for that). really i prefer anything with a compelling story and interesting aesthetics though
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