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Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

Reese's ice cream, Rolo, and chocolate chip cookie dough are my favorites. If I were told to pick between the three... mm, probably chocolate chip cookie dough! ♥ Haven't had any in a looong while but I'm looking forward to having some soon, going to likely be picking up a tub this week. ='3
Oh my gosh Flower.. those are all amazing. Now I really want Ice Cream. >_> I'm tempted to go shopping tomorrow and see if I can get any on sale + some whipped cream to top it with. <3
The kind with cake pieces and frosting swirls in it. If I'm going out to an ice cream stand, just plain soft serve vanilla
Raspberry chocolate chip, which isn't really common. I've recently started liking cotton candy flavor, so that's a close second I think.
My top flavor would have to be Blue Bell's Rocky Road ice cream. However, I have also enjoyed a nice bowl of Orange Leaf's salted caramel. I know, I know, OL is NOT ice cream, but FroYo is a cousin, right?
Oh boy this is a tough question because you can give me pretty much any ice cream flavor and I'll enjoy it, but my favorite flavor is probably pumpkin. Since I just really, really love everything pumpkin that I can get my grubby mitts on. Also coffee flavored ice cream, that's always a solid choice. And vanilla-- a simple but lovely classic.
Honeycomb and cinnamon are the first that come to mind, but I have far too many to count. The gelato place I go to has so many different choices that they rotate between and it's just the best.

They did a Christmas Trifle gelato a few months back and it was just amazing.
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