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Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

I'd say mint chocolate chip, but that flavor is sort of boring to me at the moment.

So for now, I'll say cookie dough ice cream.
Mint chocolate chip. Such a commonly loved yet still delicious flavour. For some reason, mint and chocolate together are just heaven. I particularly enjoy York peppermint patty ice creams. I also adore strawberry quite a bit, especially ice the ice cream has strawberries in it.
Tough call. For classical flavors with the widest availability, vanilla. If a variety is available for consumption, then I often find cookies and cream flavors to be absolutely delightful in conjunction with toppings like hot fudge.
My favorite flavor would be cookies and cream. It's simply the best, in my opinion.
Plain vanilla is my favorite. Usually I'll just put it in whatever soda I'm drinking for a float
There are a lot but I will pick vanilla, and it's simple for me. Just because you can add practically anything to it and it will taste good. Add any icing, fruit, caramel, cookies, you name it (well almost).
Anyone not liking chocolate ice-cream is like a travesty :O

Chocolate+vanilla is also favourable. Mmm~
Chocolate and any berry flavored icecream (not strawberry) is nice. I'm not a massive ice cream fan though, I prefer gelato.
Vanilla, Oatmeal, Cheesecake, and Bubblegum are the bee's knees Zura!
Chocolate(especially Belgian chocolate), plain strawberry (without the frozen berries), butterscotch and vanilla.
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