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First Legends Arceus Shiny?

Ignoring the shiny ponyta... paras.

I was just talking to my brother and showing off how utterly feral those cute little boyos are since neither of us ever saw them as the type to be like "YO SQUARE UP LETS FEKIN GO SON".

Then one of them popped up in the distance with the shiny sound and I about lost my mind and dropped my controller. I remember I was riding Wyrdeer to avoid the lil critters. I kinda wish their shiny looked a bit more different than the regular colors. Though, I like the redder orange more than the pale orange a lot. I just really like paras. Of course then my brother had to rain on my parade by being like "oh that's not very impressive since the odds are increased the more you fill their pokedex things in??"

Bro I got a shiny caterpie in Leaf Green and a shiny rattata in Fire Red during a nuzlocke. I already paid my tithe for full odds shiny pokemon. Plus there was that jigglypuff in Alpha Sapphire. First jigglypuff wild encounter at all in that game, actually. And I was talking to my girlfriend over skype at the time and only realized that its eyes were a different color as I was catching it for completion's sake. She loves jigglypuff so we were excited.
Mine was tangela. I got it right when I got into the crimson mirelands. I didnt even know there was a shiny ponyta side quest until the midgame.
Mine was the Gyarados that circles the waterfall in the Fieldlands. When I first ran up to it, I thought it was supposed to be a reference to the red Gyarados in Johto, and how Barry ends up mentioning it in the far future. Keep in mind this was when the game had just came out, probably launch day, and I didn't know much about this Gyarados. I was streaming it to some friends and they started freaking out, but I was just in denial until I later found out that it wasn't a confirmed shiny lol
A Snorunt in Alabaster.

I didn't even know you were able to get a free shiny Ponyta in the game until weeks later.
Mine's still Bidoof, of course. I just wanted to note that I caught a Shiny Hisui Arcanine back in last December after a few weeks of searching. It's the first time I've actually hunted for a Shiny Pokémon in any game ever, because normally I just run into these things by chance. And it's a female from a 3/4 male species if you want to effectively quadruple the odds.

Obviously I'd planned from the start for this one to eventually join my Violet team when HOME allows transfers to Gen 9. Maybe it's just me but I just can't fathom how people can hunt these incredibly rare creatures only to have them sit in their boxes forever as though they're a collection of trophies. When it comes to Pokémon, I've always felt like it's a waste of time if you're never using them.
In all seriousness though, my first one was an Alpha Bidoof. I was gonna go do some more research tasks to get to the Mirelands, and then it just showed up at that first area with the other Bidoof lol
I don't remember, I have to look. But it wasn't Ponyta. If you want, I remember the last shiny I caught: light blue Psyduck, which is one of my favourite shinies (shiny Golduck bleah, I didn't evolved Psyduck). There was a Finneon after Psyduck, but another Finneon took my ball instead of the shiny one... sad finish :cry:
My first was a beautiful shiny Chingling (which evolved into Chimecho after thousand years in my team)! I caught it in Coronet Highlands (like my Red Gyarados). Yesterday and the day before yesterday I also caught an Elekid, which evolved into a marvellous Electivire, and a Qwilfish.
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