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First Legends Arceus Shiny?

My first was the shiny ponyta, but I don't really count it. Then there was a shiny geodude that came out of tumblestone.
My first shiny in PLA besides the Ponyta quest was a Shinx in Obsidian Fieldlands.
My first ever shiny was a Drifloon in the Obsidian Fieldlands
Mine was a Paras in that place with all the mushrooms and the Parasect stalking around.
Heard the shiny sound but I wasn't quite sure that it meant a shiny or something else in this game, so I carefully crept around until I spotted a Paras that looked a bit weird... I was also definitely underlevelled for the area so catching it and then running back to safety was fun.... Especially with the reputation Paras gets in this game lol
I should go back to completing the dex in Arceus before Legends ZA comes out...
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