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Full details revealed on Pokémon Sleep's two week long Raikou Research event, starting March 25th - Raikou to remain available after event concludes

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Raikou Research
As announced during the Pokémon Presents video presentation on Pokémon Day, Sleep Researchers are getting their first opportunity to observe the sleep styles of a Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon Sleep this month, with the two week long Raikou Research event starting Monday March 25th at 4:00am local time, and running through to Monday April 8th at 3:59am local time.

To participate and gain bonuses and rewards from this event, Researchers will need to conduct their sleep research for these two weeks on Greengrass Isle, with the following bonuses active throughout the event period:
  • Each time when Electric-type helper Pokémon bring ingredients, they will one extra ingredient
  • Electric-type helper Pokémon's main skills are ×1.5 more likely to be triggered
  • Researchers can encounter a few Pokémon of different sleep types regardless of their own sleep type for the day.
Sleep tracking on any other map will not trigger these event bonuses. Snorlax on Greengrass Isle during this event with have Grepa Berries set as one of its favorite Berries. These berries can be found on Electric-type Pokémon, so Researchers will want to take full advantage of the Electric Type Week event starting Monday March 11th to prepare their party.

Additionally, the following Pokémon will also appear more frequently during sleep research on Greengrass Isle throughout the event:
  • Slightly Greater Appearance Rate
    • Pikachu, Raichu, Jolteon, Raikou, Pichu, Mareep, Flaaffy, Dedenne
As part of this event, Researchers will be collecting samples of Raikou Mane that it has left behind. The main way to get these samples will be from daily sleep research, with the number of samples received by Researchers depending on the species of Pokémon sleeping around Snorlax, and the sleep styles that Researchers find them in. Electric-type Pokémon will grant greater amounts of Raikou Mane samples than other species. In addition, Researchers will also be able to collect Raikou Mane samples from completing a set of special limited-time missions that will be added on top of the standard weekly missions, and as a rare reward from the Research Community. Researchers unable to access the Research Community screen will receive limited-time special gifts of 50 Raikou Mane samples at the beginning of each week of this event, on March 25th and April 1st.

Raikou Mane samples will also be available for purchase with the Raikou Research Bundles Vol. 1 and Raikou Last Chance Bundles Vol. 1 from the in-game shop. More details on these bundles will be released at a later date.

These Raikou Mane samples can be used in the Event Exchange to purchase a variety of valuable items, including Main Skill Seeds, and Thunder Stones, as well as items specifically intended to help Researchers befriend Raikou. Raikou Incense will work like any other species incense, ensuring that Researchers will meet Raikou during their next sleep research. Unlike other Incense items, players will be limited to one of this incense in their bag's item pocket at a time. Raikou Biscuits meanwhile are a special blend of biscuit only able to be used with Raikou, increasing its friendship points by 6. Following the conclusion of the event, any leftover Raikou Biscuits will be automatically converted into Great Biscuits.

The Event Exchange will be open between Monday March 25th at 4:00am local time, and Thursday April 11th at 3:59am local time. Prices for items in the exchange will vary during the event, with discounts on Raikou Incense and Raikou Biscuits in the event's second week.

Researchers should also note the following for this event:
  • The daily rollover for the Raikou Research event is at 4:00am local time.
  • Event bonuses for this event apply only for sleep data tracked on Greengrass Isle.
  • Event bonuses apply only for sleep tracking that begins within the event period, and do not apply to sleep tracking during the tutorial, or to sleep data tracked before the event, even if the researcher waits to review their sleep research after the event has started.
  • Sleep data tracked during the event will receive event bonuses, regardless of if the researcher waits to review their sleep research until after the event has concluded.
Raikou is a Snoozing Sleep Type Pokémon appearing exclusively at Greengrass Isle, and will start appearing for sleep research sessions commencing after March 25th, at 3:00pm local time.

Raikou is the first Pokémon to be added with the main skill Helper Boost (Electric). When this skill is triggered, a Researcher's full team of helper Pokémon will instantly gather a number of bonus Berries and ingredients. The amount of bonus Berries and ingredients is boosted depending on the level of the skill, and the number of different species of Electric-types on the team, based on the following formula:
  • (Level of Skill) + (Number of different Electric-type species) = Bonus multiplier
Electric-type Pokémon must be of different species to contribute to this bonus, with two exceptions. Pikachu (Halloween) and Pikachu (Holiday), which count as their own species separate to Pikachu; and the bonus helper Pikachu from linking a Pokémon GO Plus +, which does not count towards this bonus multiplier. For clarity, different stages of the same evolutionary line are considered to be different species.

Raikou is also the first Pokémon Special Pokémon in the game. While Researchers may befriend any number of these Pokémon as with any other Pokémon, no more than one of each species of Special Pokémon can be on a Researcher's team at any given time. The Nature and sub skills of the first Special Pokémon befriended of each species will also be identical for all Sleep Researchers.


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