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Future Pokémon game predictions


Feb 2, 2023
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Pokemon main series game and what I think what will happen in future and what happened.

Pokemon Red and Green - We got remakes FireRed and LeafGreen
Pokemon Blue - nothing
Pokemon Yellow - Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee

IMO I predict that we will get Pokemon " Blue remake" GF will obviously say that it's open world Kanto game and it's not related to Go! Now when? I think early 2030's.

Pokemon Gold and Silver - HG/SS
Pokemon Crystal - nothing

I predict we will get 1 Johto game soon( hopefully) Maybe even next year or so.
Johto as I said got 2009 which is the oldest Gen so far that didn't get anything( 1 year older than BW) and I think it will be similar to PLA.

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire - Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Pokemon Emerald - nothing
We will likely see Open world -like game for Emerald aka Gen 3. It would come out after XY remake so probably late 2030's

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and Platinum
IMO I don't see them getting anything. We got DP remakes and maybe PLA is like "remake" of Platinum.

Pokemon BW and B2W2-
Honestly I can see this getting same treatment as DP. As of when: I would say between Gen 10 and Gen 11 so late 2028 and early 2029.

Pokemon X and Y- Definitely getting remakes after DP , so probably mid 2030's

Pokemon SM and USUM- Probably same treatment as DP and BW- This is way into future aka early 2040's.
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