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Contest Giovanni VS Ghetsis

farewell friend

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Jan 31, 2011
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Which one do you think was the worst parent?
Worst parent: Ghetsis for using his son.

Best Villain: Ghetsis because he was evil and when you see his dialogue, you think "VILLAIN!"

No matter how bad Giovanni was, Ghetsis basically abused his son making him believe his dream will come true, isolated him from the humanity only in order to call him a heartless monster at the very end. Ghetsis deceived the entire world and was planning on tricking N once the boy would gain the control over the legendaries. I feel sad for N, Ghetsis is such a monster.

I feel sorry for N...

And anyway, Silver really never was involved with his dad in-game until the HG/SS Celebi Event, anyway. So, they supposedly weren't very close, even Silver didn't like his own fathers team.
The way N was treated, Silver was the lucky one. Both boys got redemption at the end, though.
Not surprisingly, the vote is unanimously Ghetsis.

But consider something; at the very least Ghetsis was raising N. He was there for him, albeit his motives corrupted. However still, for all we know, N was content with his life. And if it wasn't for his upbringing, would he hold the views he has? It's highly likely he wouldn't.

Now, I'm not saying Ghetsis was right, as I too voted for him, but it is something to consider. Sometimes, being there for your child is better than not, even if your presence is ill-intentioned.
DEFINITELY GHETSIS. Giovanni was just absent; that did lead Silver to become a rogue, but at least Giovanni didn't corrupt him purposely. Even worse, Ghetsis tried, if he failed, to cast the blame onto his misguided son, and move on as if nothing happened. farewell, friend, it is true that it is better to have a bad dad rather than none, but I think the story would be different if your dad used you to get his butt out of hot water.
When I got to the part of the game where you face Ghetsis, I literally started badmouthing Ghetsis about how horrible he was. This was greeted by an odd look by my mom and brother who were also in the room, but that's beside the point. The following is my spoilered rant.
Ghetsis was just purely evil, vile, horrid, putrid, grotesque, and deceitful. Giovanni, however, was just absent. Honestly, if I were his Cofagrigus, Ghetsis would have been Yamask-ified LOOOONG ago.
Ghetis times infinity. He was just pure evil to his kid.
Also, the TR outfits look cooler than Plasma's
Giovanni was being evil at least thirteen years before Ghetsis, if not sooner. I may be alone on this but... go Giovanni!
I honestly think that Gio cared about Silver; he just didn't know how to raise a kid.

Ghetsis, on the other hand, didn't even seen N as a person and may have even kidnapped him as a baby. D:
Ghetsis was a horrible daddy. N is messed up, and even his own father says so. Giovanni never did anything bad (To our knowledge) so he doesn't count.
Ghetsis pretty much controlled his kid making him the worse parent giovanni just left silver not as bad as controlling him
Well at least there have been some votes cast for Giovanni...
I hold the same view points from my previous post. At the very least, Ghetsis was raising N. And although his motives were corrupted, he never did any of the really bad things to him (like physical abuse, for example).

Yes, it's understandable that psychological trauma is worse than physical trauma in some situations, but i feel N was not even aware that that was happening. I feel he was obliviously "molded" into place.

Again, it doesn't mean Ghetsis wasn't a bad father, but it's something to seriously consider. Don't be so shallow in your responses. Think about it.

Running out on your kid is pretty bad.

But it's at least an everyday sort of bad.

It is a very sad thing that this is true.
Now, here's the statement that matters the most:
They were both bad fathers.

However, I believe Ghetsis was worse than Giovanni because of what they did. Giovanni ran out on his child, but Ghetsis, he locked his child up for quite a few years, let him get no social interaction with humans whatsoever, and let him believe something he would not like to.

Ghetsis is against all of the fundamental rights of the child, especially the on mentioned in Articles 3, 6, 12, 15, 17, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 31, 37, and 40, Part 1, the Convention on the Rights of a Child.
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