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Glitches and Bugs

Had a rather strange occurrence. I am shiny hunting a Rufflet outbreak and one of the Rufflet was invisible in battle until I left the battle:
caught an eevee in a space-time distortion whose name was displayed as "Haunt ", the name wasn't there when i caught it but i figured i'd name em after the bug anyway. i think i've heard of a similar glitch from a friend only it was " ickitung" or something like that. i assume this happens cause of the game getting the pokemon mixed up with another of the mons in that encounter? cause when i found that eevee there was a haunter there too
Alright, I am still working with the same Rufflet outbreak as in my last post but now I seem to be in an endless loop of it. It migrated a few feet from where it usually spawned and although according to my Pokedex I've defeated over 15, it's just not ending.

EDIT: It finally went back to the spot it's supposed to be in and ended but I still feel it was longer than it should have been.
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I managed to reach the Holm of Trials, an area in the Crimson Mirelands that seems to normally requires summoning Basculegion to reach, on my first visit to this zone by doing a precise dashing Wyrdeer jump from the nearby heights of Gapejaw Bog. Needless to say I was thrilled because it let me catch the Goomy I wanted to use at an earlier point than I expected.

Perhaps it's not visually a bug or glitch but I'd say this is a minor case of sequence breaking since I then couldn't leave the Holm of Trials without fast travel or blacking out. The Pokémon there are higher level than those in other parts of this zone too. In any case, I felt that I ought to bring it up here as it appears the developers didn't intend on me getting to here right now.


Here is a recreation image I took for demonstrative purposes. The flag pin is my starting point and the star stamp is where I landed. At the time of taking this picture (have just calmed Lilligant), I still cannot travel across the water that should block off this zone.
I've found a bug yesterday. When a Pokémon uses Struggle, there's a chance the move won't deal any damage to the opponent, however the Pokémon will still receive recoil damage... This bug makes Abra's path of solitude hard to complete
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