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Your experience with bugs and glitches ?

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Jul 10, 2022
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What's your experience with bugs and glitches in the Pokémon video games ? Have you encountered a lot of them ? Have you tried triggering some of them ? Did a bug or a glitch ever bother you ? What was the most memorable one ?

I haven't encountered a lot of bugs (outside of the visual PLA/SV ones).
I recall a weird experience in BDSP with the contests : if you leave the contest to go to the Switch home menu and you go back to the contest a while after, there's a chance that the music will stop playing before the contest ends.
There's also a visual glitch in these games that takes place when you encounter a Pokémon with 2 perfect IVs while traveling with one of the 5 partner trainers : when the camera zooms in on Dawn/Lucas and their partner, their Poké Balls will suddenly appear in their hands.
Here's how it looks with Buck :


I had a lot of fun messing with the Void Glitch in Pearl and the Pomeg Berry Glitch (coupled with the ACE Glitch) in Emerald. They're pretty tricky but the amount of things they let you access is huge.
Some of the noises the Glitch Pokémon you can create with the Pomeg Glitch are absolutely terrifying. And these Pokémon can also trigger some interesting visual changes to your pc boxes...
I largely have not experienced bugs and glitches in Pokemon. The only time I had was in Red when I triggered them intentionally (particularly, I did the Missingno and Mew glitches). Other than that, haven't really encountered many.
The one I did trigger the most was the Cinnabar Island "wild Pokemon"... That was super easy to get lvl 100s with.

Somehow, I did not get anything weird in Gen 3 onwards, except the "internal battery has run out, clock based events will no longer occur" on both Sapphire and Emerald which are just inevitable after a while.
I once watched a Psyduck teleporting all over the place in the Legends Arceus overworld like it was a Minecraft Enderman. I'll admit I had to double check to confirm this was NOT normal Psyduck behavior as Psyduck is quite a strange Pokémon for its species acting in several distinct ways in this game and being tied to Psychic despite not having the type. It's also specifically made to resemble a confused status. I just never know with this thing.
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A minor glitch that you can see around the 2 minutes mark, Ninjask can randomly stop flapping its wings
The only glitch I ever did was the cloning glitch on gen 3 battle tower
I did the Cinnabar Island glitch a few times before my Red version died. I've also exploited the Emerald cloning glitch more times than I can count lol; that's probably the best glitch in the whole franchise since it's easy to do, highly beneficial, and there's no downside as long as you follow the steps properly.
I never managed to pull off the cloning glitches in Gen 3, my cousin claimed losing a Suicune from doing it wrong... Cinnabar was awesome though, very easy lvl 100s.
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