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Guess the Next User to Post V2


¡Prepárate a morir!
May 8, 2015
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Salutations, mis amigos! The old thread didn't have very clear rules, as a result, we have decided to bring a new thread directly to you.

In this game, you guess a person to post, and the next person responds. For example:

Zexy said:
Maniacal Engineer?

Maniacal Engineer said:


Enzap said:


And so on.

When specifying the person that you think will post next, please make sure that it is clear who you are referring to. Anything that is too vague and/or could refer to multiple users is not allowed. Stricter rules (such as requiring the username of the person you think will post next) will be considered if this rule is abused.

Finally, have fun!

The first guess: Zexy?
Not right now

will be annoying for others to find at first
guessing Max(1996)

For myself, half true, for now I'm the second kind - feline

Enzap should be nearby
Not this time

Leetic nearby?
I'm pretty sure I saw him in a pool of red water under the rug earlier.

Fantastic Mr. Fox?
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