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If you could change the stats of any Pokemon, what would you change?


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Dec 14, 2016
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So here is a thread where we discuss any stat distributions that bother you, and how you wish to change it, either with increasing any of the stats or lowering a stat a mon doesn’t need in favour of another stat.

I for one think it’s a sublime idea to just drop at least 15 points of Samurott‘s physical attack and put it in speed. I know someone’s gonna complain “b-but it has swords”, I just don’t want to nerf Surf and Ice beam. Admittedly this is also looking through a gen5 perspective where there aren’t as many Water mons there as you’d think.

And as Samurott stands, it’s only really bulky enough to take about 2-3 hits on any average opponent but not fast enough to work around that, and that’s in a regular play point of view, not just competitive. And to be fair, it is really weird that a giant blade weilding sea creature can be considered ‘worst’ tier. It doesn’t even look slow, so why is it, base stat wise?

But that said I’m expecting most people here to bring up Vikavolt‘s speed. Or bring up Ledian altogether.
Delcatty. I mean, you've probably heard it all already... it got a Speed buff in Gen 7, but that basically means nothing if it can't do anything else well. I know it wasn't meant for battle — it was meant to excel in Contests, and its dex entries even state that it doesn't fight — but how is that fair? Doesn't this kitty deserve to at least stand a chance against other Pokémon? T_T

I'd increase all of its stats barring Attack, at least to the point where none of them are below 70. I'd also put emphasis on its Special Attack, as well as its HP, Special Defense, and Speed. Its current learnset mainly lends itself to support and special damage — even getting some nice buffs like Nasty Plot and Calm Mind, and moves that give it some staying power like Wish, Substitute, Thunder Wave, and Rest. Honestly all I'd want is for it to be able to deal some good damage, take a few hits, and then heal up to stick around.

But as for just redistribution of stats on an already good Pokémon: I'd probably swap Tangrowth's Special Attack (110) and Special Defense (50). It gets a lot more physical attacks than special (good ones at that!), and having only 50 SpD basically means it faints whenever it sees an Ember. I think it's still great as is, but why not go the distance and just make it the ultimate wall?
I don't know much about competitive but I guess some buffs to some of my favorites wouldn't hurt.

  • Politoed: Defense 85 (+15) Speed 80 (+10)
  • Hitmontop: HP 75 (+25), Sp Def 95 (-25), Speed 110 (+40)
  • Shiftry; HP 80 (-10), Defense 70 (+10), SP Def 70 (+10) Speed 90 (+10)
  • Leavanny: Defense 90 (+10), SP Def 80 (+10)
  • Decidueye: SP attack 90 (-10) SP Def 90 (-10) Speed 90 (+20)
  • Crabominable: HP 105 (+8), SP Def 90 (+23)
  • Stonjourner: SP Def 70 (+50), Speed 50 (-20)
  • Spidops: HP 100 (+40), Attack 89 (+10), Speed 70 (+35)
  • Unown (in an alternate universe where it has a decent moveset): Defense 80 (+32), Sp Attack 110 (+38), Sp Def 90 (+42), Speed 85 (+37)
  • Shedinja (not my favorite but I've always thought they overcompersated for its ability): Sp Attack 90 (+60), Speed 65 (+25)
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