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UNITE What would you do to improve pokémon unite?

Nov 18, 2023
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  1. He/Him
If you could change/add something to the game to make it better, what would you do? Other than delete Mewtwo, of course.

I'll start: in ranked matches, after everyone chose their pokémons, you can see the other team picks and have some time to set your build, change the held items or the battle item to match what you think will fit better in this situation. I think it would add more complexity to the ranked matches, which currently doesn't feel like ranked and would filter more who reaches the high ranks.
Make the freebie Licenses include one Pokemon of each class. As is, you get a whole bunch of Attackers, one Defender (Slowbro), one All Rounder for completing the 7 day challenge (Garchomp), and then your choice of an additional All Rounder, a Speedster, or a Support (Charizard, Talonflame, and Eldegoss). I'd be down for swapping one of the Attackers for a free Support.

EDIT: Oh, I forgot Zeraora is also free after winning 32 battles. That gets the Speedster class included in the beginner package.

Map Mew's Move Reset mechanic to anything other than Left Stick Press. I hate both Stick Presses with a passion, and even moreso in an action game. It's just not an easy input to use in general, never mind the heat of combat.
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Nerf the playable Legendaries, and if you don't wanna nerf them, make them boss Pokemon! It's genuinely frustrating whenever I see a Zacian on the enemy team and I know we're all going to lose because it's so stupidly overpowered. or maybe I'm an idiot because i don't know any counters

More maps and generally more interesting gameplay for standard mode like quick mode has. There's genuinely a bunch of potential being missed out!

Make more holowear available with holowear tickets.
I don't think they have added any ticket holowear since around the games launch, effectively making the currency useless. Could we at least be able to buy each Pokemons unite styles with tickets?
And I second this, there's so much Holowear that really looks like it's not worth the money (looking at you Aegislash and your Unite style outfits)!
Adding a filter that removes Limited X-Day Licenses from the pre-battle menus. It makes it so much harder to find the weekly Trial Licences when those clog up the menu, and I tend to hoard consumables like this so just using them all up isn't exactly the best option for me.
make an actual choice between orange and purple teaMs. I know it’s a really little thing, but are we just playing against cpus? Like, what? I’m always on purple and it seems like everyone else is too…
Have you ever noticed how the PVP arenas are always perfectly symmetrical? This is by design -- outside of local play, every ally is on the "purple" team, while every opponent is on the "orange" team. Internally, all the game has to do is mirror the enemy positions (from how they appear on their own screens).

There are several ways to infer if you're playing against cpus:
  • If matchmaking took more than 30 seconds (aka. "extended matchmaking paramters")
  • cpu players ready up at a steady/linear pace and never time out
  • cpu player names may resemble real player names but with an added character (e.g. "LivePlayer" vs. "LivePlayerH")
  • cpus wait until you pick your Pokemon before selecting theirs
  • cpus idle for 1-2 seconds before leaving home base
  • cups never score from the edge of goals (only the center)
  • cpus retreat at low health (and at this point won't even fight back)
  • cpus use their Unite Moves immediately upon encountering an opponent
  • cpus have "private" player profiles after battle (they also don't award any Likes)
  • In the event you ragequit/power off during the match, the game won't try to return to it after restarting

Adding a filter that removes Limited X-Day Licenses from the pre-battle menus.
During Pokemon selection, a blue clock icon indicates a Pokemon on a weekly free trial; a gray hourglass icon indicates availability through a Limited License.

But as a whole? Things I'd love to see:
  • A wider variety of regular game modes. Catch'Em was a good addition to the regular Quick Battle rotation. Full Fury is a love-it-hate-it mode; Boss Rush was fun (especially the Zacian Boss Rush) and Panic Parade is fun (albeit a bit easy once you've stocked up on at least Lv.2 stat boosts in the shop). Halloween and Christmas modes are nice holiday additions, but don't differ significantly from ordinary Shivre City matches.
  • More map variety. Theia Sky Ruins was a nice addition but it's still largely the same as Remoat Stadium in terms of navigation. Which is a plus for learning the map, sure, but on the flipside there just isn't much new to even learn.
  • Add a springboard to Shivre City. It sometimes happens that you are losing the match, the enemy team is clustered around your base and anyone who just steps towards the exit is immediately dead. (Technically this can happen in Auroma Park too, but at least that map doesn't place a goal right next to your base!)
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Make setting up a name for your character easier. I decided to give the game a try, but I could not get past the name screen because no matter what name I did, it said that the name was already taken.
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