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Review JN004: Let's Go to the Galar Region! An Encounter with Hibanny!!

Speaking of, the animators did a lousy job selling Shoot City to us. This is Galar's capitol, and is a city in the games which has a lot to offer both in design and in places to visit... but you would never guess that from this episode. Shoot City could have been any other city. Where was the clock, or the ferris wheel, or the stadium or Rose Tower? Couldn't Satoshi and Go explore the city while waiting for their next train?
Or, maybe, they wanted to save it for the future episodes that's gonna focus on things like that, so they can give them proper exposure.
Scorbunny wasn't abused or near an abusive trainer like every Fire-type Starter not named Torchic and Litten.
There is other kinds of "abuses" that they can experience though...
...Like steroids abuse:

Well that was an undiluted crock of shit. No story, no landmarks, no ambience, no Pokemon, no point.
Another week, another horrendously animated episode. The "action" scenes are practically slideshows.
So, this is the first episode of this series I've watched, so I went into this not knowing what to expect from Ash or Go or anything really. Honestly, all I wanted was a good debut for Galar. And man was I disappointed.

But first I'll go over the things I liked. The brushing scene was pretty weird, but at the same time, I could totally relate to Go side-eyeing Ash the way he was. Mr. Mine miming the act of preparing breakfast for Go was cute af. The Nickit were super cute. Like seriously. Nickit was already a cute Pokemon, but this episode just made them even more adorable. I also really liked Scorbunny, taking care of the Nickit like their guardian and his habit of juggling rocks like a Cinderace. It was cute and actually kind of sad seeing them split up. But I did like how they showed Scorbunny that they learned from him and can take care of themselves. I also liked how the Pokedex showed Nickit's number, but why did that thing not recognize Scorbunny? It was just covered in mud, it's not like it was missing a limb or anything...

But anyway, on to what I didn't like. My biggest issue with this episode, and kinda the whole series concept really, is the fact that I know in the next episode, Ash will be leaving Galar to return back to Kanto then then do a bunch of region hopping. It's just so ridiculously out of character for Ash to not want to go to Galar full time for a journey. This is the same kid who went to Hoenn to explore the region where the Blaziken who beat him in the Johto League came from. The kid who decided to journey though Sinnoh because he happened to see his friend had a Pokemon from that region on a trip back home. For Ash to go to this new region he's never been to before, see new Pokemon he's never seen before, and then not want to have a full journey there...it just seems so weird to me. It comes across as so out of character for Ash. And similarly, what the heck, Ash is in this new region for the first time ever, and all he's doing is eating snacks???? Really? You'd think he'd be running around looking for any new Pokemon he can find. Even if they did have a train to catch, it still seems so odd for Ash. I expected way more excitement from him and it really didn't seem like he really cared all that much about being in Galar in general. And it just makes me feel like we're getting Sun and Moon 2.0. where we had a beautiful unique region to explore, but they decided to sit Ash on Melemele for 90% of the series doing nothing.

Also, this episode did a horrible job of introducing Galar. I'm just being honest. What was the point of going to Wyndon, one of the most important cities in Sword and Shield, and then just using it for Scorbunny's introduction? This is the place where the league is held, where Rose Tower is, where so many important things happen....and they show none of the major locations. Like, what the heck? Why not just send Ash to Postwick or Wedgehurst or some random irrelevant route for that matter. The lack of the slightest acknowledgment of the league is so noticeable and off-putting, especially for someone who's played the game and know how important the league and that city are. No references to Leon, Rose, even Oleana, just seems weird.

This episode was cute for what it was. And if this was just a random filler in a series focused on Galar, I really wouldn't have any issues with it. But this was the introduction of the newest region to the series and we know we won't be staying long. I just felt like it deserved better. And I get it. Galar isn't the main focus. I understand that perfectly. But still, I would think they'd want to show off as much of the new stuff as possible. I'll rate this a 5/10. It was cute, but for the first episode to show off Galar, I was very let down.
Is it just me or does Pikachu look fatter? Maybe it's because of the show going back to its roots and the new Gigantamax Pikachu. I have always liked fat Pikachu better so I personally don't mind.

I agree that the Galar region looks bland in the anime. I think it was a mistake to have Gou and Satoshi go to Wyndon because it looked more like Wedgehurst or one of the early towns. Usually when they go to a new region they show off the nature and the new Pokémon in their natural habitat as much as possible. It also felt like the town was empty with almost no people or Pokémon.

Maybe it's because it's the fourth episode and they already showed off Kanto in a similar way but why do they feel the need advertise Gen 1 instead of the new region? Let's Go isn't brand new anymore so it's kind of a weird decision.

While it's nice that the fire starter doesn't have the same angsty backstory as the others, I still think they could have done something more interesting. Maybe explain why it was taking care of the foxes or why they seem to be starving? Why didn't they go to the Wild Area to look for food instead of staying in town?

Maybe give Scorbunny a more interesting reason to hide its identity. Did they even reveal why Scorbunny was covered in mud?
So, this is the first episode of this series I've watched, so I went into this not knowing what to expect from Ash or Go or anything really.
You should watch the previous episodes too to see how they met.
Maybe give Scorbunny a more interesting reason to hide its identity. Did they even reveal why Scorbunny was covered in mud?
Not sure. Haven't seen the subs yet, so maybe the reason is revealed with them.
Definitely the worst debut episode for a new region. In Hoenn you saw Wingull, all three starters, Poochyena. DP saw the entire Starly line, and all three starters. BW had all three starters AND Zekrom. Kalos had a bunch of background, starters, and Bunnelby. Alola had the classmate Pokemon and Pyumukyu, Tapu Koko.... Galar? Just two Pokemon, one of the starters and Nickit.... are you freaking serious?! Where the hell are Sobble and Grookey, why are they getting treated worse than Litten was?

And this was Wyndon, Galar's capitol city yet we hardly saw anything! It might as well just been a random filler city! Seeing Rose Tower or the Galar stadium would have been nice setup for later but nooooo.....
Quick thoughts while waiting for subs.

  • Does Ash always brush his teeth like that? Hahahaha.
  • I'm really liking Mimey.
  • Kinda disappointed with the CG train after we've seen hand-drawn cars and planes, but I'll take some hand-drawn vehicles over none.
  • A few speedlines, but overall much better battle animation than last week.
  • I think they could have fit in a quick TR appearance somewhere.
  • Scorbunny seems like a really fun Pokemon.
Ugh, I loved Nickit but hated Scorbunny's debut. Idk there was just something really repetitive about his part in this episode, as if I'd seen the exact same scenario a dozen times before. Also what's with Galar looking so... bleak and miserable. It looked like the place where Ash and Go went (I don't play the games so idk the name of the city) was practically a ghost town; I was getting Chernobyl vibes from the whole thing.
Gou being touched by Hibanny hiding as one of the foxes made me think that Gou relates to it because he was either hiding as a gender he was not or currently hiding as it.
It's silly to compare this episode's introduction of Galar to the previous regions' introductions, since Galar region is not the main focus of this series.

Still could have shown us more Galar Pokemon or places. This was Wyndon, the most important city in Galar, yet we only saw two Galar species and it felt like a random filler city.
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