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Review JN041: The Great Pikachu Dubbing Operation! / Half a Numacraw

Easily the worse two part segment of episode. What the point of all that and especially for Ludicolo creating a rain dance to rescue Marshtomp from the dry crack ground only to end up even more Marshtomp stuck in.

Overall rating: D+
First half was a decent slice of life portion, one where TRio (and their humor) needed and deserved the focus after the disgusting way they were handled last week. I was also surprised at how late the title card and intro came up, and especially when Meowth and Wobuffet featured in them.

The second half was somewhat of a boring and generic PotD plot as predicted, which felt quite dragged out even as a half episode (can't imagine the slog it would have been as a full episode). One thing I like is that they haven't forgotten that Pokemon can't be captured if they're stuck/trapped (like with Celesteela). The Rain Dance solution was a correct prediction made by Beatsy Ray, and the end was somewhat interesting with all the Marshtomp ending up being 'grounded' but other than that, there wasn't anything else of note.

At least neither segment resorted to the cringey repetition of the same joke like with JN026.
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Really enjoyed the first segment and I thought Jessie and James were pretty funny with them overreacting to what is essentially a normal day in Pikachu's life.

The second segment was very dull with no much going on.
Well this episode defied my expectations, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, it was much worse.

Was good to see Ash and Goh do the obvious things to free Marshtomp, try catching it plus using Sobble to soften the mud
Nothing of any real value in there, although the Team Rocket episode will probably be good with subtitles. The second half wasn't exactly riveting although watching them try and fail to get water to the Marshtomp was somewhat entertaining I guess. Other than that though you couldn't get a more literally nothing episode if you tried. Will leave a rating on it when I see the subs, but overall the Magikarp segment of the other 2-parter was better.
HA HA HA that stupid gatcha has run out of Pokémon, you deserve that you piece of trash.

Also Morpeko is still an squatter, I'm glad that he is alive.

Also Team Rocket has still normal Pokeball at hand... mmmm I don't want to get my hopes up.

I need subs for the Rocket part, but poor Meowth.

And the Marshtomp episode well, the ending made me laugh.

This was better that the last two parter IMO.
These double stories are going to be the purest of filler aren’t they? At least the last one had focus on a non main character: namely Goh’s Magikarp.

I suppose this one had Team Rocket focus, and I suppose that segment willbe much better when I can understand them.

But the Brock baiting Marshtomp-Ludicolo flick? Don’t know what I expected. I’m just annoyed I seem to have found these Pokémon in Kanto...
Goh did not catch Marshstomp. He better catch a member of the Mudkip line in a later episode.
While this half-and-half episode wasn't as wild as the previous one, I still found it fairly entertaining to watch. Although I didn't understand most of the first half, it's still nice to watch the Rocket trio just goofing around in a SoL setting, and as an added bonus, the writers reminded us that Morpeko's still hanging around. Second half was a bit more plain, but I did like how the boys actually tried using sensible solutions that many users here have suggested to free the Marshtomp (eg. catching the Marshtomp, using Sobble's Water Gun to loosen the ground). Ludicolo using Sunny Day instead of Rain Dance was kinda funny too, so there's that, I guess.

Overall, I think this was a fairly enjoyable filler episode. Again, it's not as over-the-top crazy as the last episode that used this format, but hey, I'll take one compressed filler episode over two dragged-out ones.
this isnt better for getting off filler episodes making them 11 minutes and having the actual episodes 22 minutes long?
I personally don't mind the vending machine at all. I think the concept is interesting.
Yeah, though I greatly preferred it when they caught and used and connected with their own Pokémon. I just can't get behind the Pokémon GO-esque idea of only using rentals. Not to mention that it should be Delibird bringing that machine in.
By the sounds of it, Ludicolo was a completely useless buffoon.

I haven't watched yet, but I'm not sure I really care enough to do so.
I’m normally pretty easy to please, but the Team Rocket segment sucked. Maybe it’ll be better with subtitles and I can understand it since it was dialogue-heavy but it was one of the rare times I found myself bored during this series so far. The Marshtomp segment was decent and I at least enjoyed it.

At least we got a Morpeko cameo to show that it’s still there.

I just wish that that machine running out of Pokémon is a good sign to the future

I always assumed they put the ones they used that don’t get left behind like Wailord back in the machine.
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