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Review JN081: Clash!? The Blue Poké Maniacs!

This episode was decent. There were a few funny moments, Goh caught a Shiny and Chloe was there with the gang. Also there were a lot of Blue Pokemon. The rest was boring and I found it odd Ash or Goh didn’t bring out Dracovish,Lucario or Inteleon considering they were classified as Blue. I also liked that live action Supereffective Type, it was nice. This episode is a 6/10 for me
We saw Wobbuffet's Pokéball once again and also saw him enter his pokéball.

We saw non-standard Pokéball. Pelipper had a nice scene.

The funny thing was, I was thinking by myself that this time Meowth didn't had to disguise himself in another Pokémon this time. But the writters did put it in once again.

Not the most memorable episode I think. Goh has a shinny Voltorb now, hopefully we see it again in the future (although, I have the feeling it already dissapeared by the 2nd half of this episode).
Well that Voltorb was pointless. You’d think that with a blue theme that it’d be more important to the episode but no, it only serves to get the ball rolling before being forgotten. Back when Noctowl and Lance’s Gyarados were introduced, they had an entire plot around them but here when they give another main character a shiny, barely any focus is given to it. For all that, they could have used any of Ash or Go’s blue Pokémon and cut out the middle man.
This was a just plain stupid plot.

And Biriridama got utterly wasted.

Good to see the shopkeeper again, though.
Shouldn't he get his own page since he is now a recurrent character?
… This episode certainly did justice to the colour blue, lots of delicious looking snacks and drinks I guess… A wide variety of Pokémon shoved in there… nice detail with the Great, Quick and Divd balls.

I guess it’s also funny to see Wobbufett placing himself into the ball - very ironic.

but this is as filler as filler can get, Not extremely entertaining either
Definitely one of the most bizarre episodes I've seen in awhile.

It's too bad Ash didn't run into this guy back in the XY series. It would've been interesting to see how Serena & Clemont would've reacted to all the "blue" stuff in Goh & Chloe's place.
It's the worst filler we've had this year.

There was no plot, a wasted capture.
The Cotds were annoying and moronic.

What was the point of this crap....
Better we had a two-week break instead of getting this kind of content.
That was pretty much unwatchable, to be honest.

What was the point of Satoshi, Gou, and Koharu tagging along? You could have removed them from the episode entirely and pretty much nothing would have changed.

checks notes

Seiyu gotta earn a living somehow

Plus, TRio were finally used, so shouldn't you be over the moon? ;P
Shoujo vs Shounen
I DAMN AWESOME LOVE THIS EPISODE NOW! At least a main character (Goh) caught a Shiny that's BLUE (Voltorb) and the first capture of a shiny of such since Ash caught his Shiny Noctowl SO LONG AGO. I'm curious about Wobbuffet's backstory though, and it was hilarious ta see Pelipper bail on the TRIo already in the latest time of the episode similar to Wobbuffet's case. Too bad we'll never get to hear more of the Patient Pokemon's backstory prior to being with Jessie.
Episode about blue Pokémon... Dracovish is a no-show...
Pretty weak episode. It felt like the plot went nowhere from most of the episode, and the COTDS weren't particularly enjoyable to watch. Also strange that they neglected to show Lucario, Dracovish, or even especially Intelleon in this episode. For some reason, this series is just allergic to using any secondary characters in fillers. The saving grace of this episode was the TRio who atleast managed to speedup this snorefest of an episode. Wobbuffet gags were hilarious too and I lost it when he actually went in the Pokeball

(On a side note, does anyone think James catching Morpeko was a last minute addition? It's odd that it's only appeared once and in that single instance never directly interacted with him. I definitely feel like it could've been used in this episode)

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