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Review JN138: Satoshi VS Kasumi! Seaside One-on-One!!

Loved the episode! Once again was I transported back to the pre-SM days. A shame it only happened at the very end of the show, because they felt the need to innovate in the last few years instead of sticking to the formula that worked for decades. If you have something that works, stick with it. The higher ups, especialy the writers and producers who came during SM, have just no idea how to manage this anime and now they will kill it instead of facing their own incompetence.

As a user said above, this episode proves there would be absolutely no problem keeping Ash around, as this episode proves that he can still lose battles. Having him battle gyms in Paldea woudn´t be a problem. He could have a rookie team of new Pokemon, like in previous seasons, where Pikachu is the only veteran and that would make any defeat believable, like it always did for previous seasons.

Each day I understand less the reason for retiring Ash. This episode proves that the so called formula can still keep going. No matter what the circunstances, the new series wil be formulaic as well, since they appear to want to follow an episodic format instead of a serial, as mentioned at the beginning of Journeys, s, why not keep the characters people already love around. It never stopped new viewers from joining during this 25 years, so why now? Honestely I feel petty, but I really wish this decision blows in their faces and they regret what they are doing to Ash and Team Rocket forevermore.

This isn´t a love letter to older fans. It´s anaesthesia so those fans don´t complain to much about the absulute insanity of their decision to retire Ash. Does anyone, after watching this episode, believe that they had no way to keep Ash around for generation 9? They can try to pull wool over my eyes, but I can see very well through their lies.

Some genius saw how terribily received Go was (just to clarify, I don´t mean to offend Go or his fans, I myself didn´t dislike him, I´m just expressing what appears to be the major opinion abou his character, especially in Japan) and concluded that the problem was Ash. I don´t even have words. Add the fact that the Ash storyline was actully well received (exept how out of nowhere this world tournament came), and you can´t find a sound reason for this decision. What people complained most about Ash was the lack of screentime his pokemon got outside batles. This problem coul easily be fixed by making the Team Rocket schemes of the week more frequent, like in older series (XY found the perfect balance with their appearance rate). As much as people like to complain and badmouth TR, their funny schemes were essencial to give these pokemenon much needed screentime and, above all, quirks and personality.

All very solvable situations, without the need to write off Ash. They are basically keeping everything people criticised about Journeys and taking everything people actually liked and use a new main character to see if it sticks. If this isn´t business incompetence and malpractice I don´t even know in wich world I live anymore. Getting rid of your golden goose who is stiil laying golden eggs after 25 years. Absolute insanity. I literrally never saw anything like this in my life.
It honestly sounds like you're letting your bitter feeling blind you to the possibility that the new main character can be good. If that's the opinion you have going in you won't like them no matter what. Try to be a bit more open minded. As for the formula that's always worked, it works until it doesn't. Family guy, the Simpsons, dragon ball, naruto, all of these shows ran 20+ years and see how after a while their characters become cardboard cutouts of their original selfs. Peter was a dumb but caring dad now he's staright up abusive, same with Homer but less extreme. The only anime I know of where the main Character didn't change to badly is one piece. It's good to let Ash go and be a champion instead of a constantly reset character who looks less and less like himself. People say this Ash is slightly OOC but that's because he became OOC when this was how he was originally. Plus now there's the chance to have him show up here and there like say Cynthia and show us some awesome battles that they never would have let him do before. Ash can still be involved as a champion character like Cynthia was or like Lance was.

Also the gym formula was getting old. Ash travels to a new gym across 10-15ish episodes. Encounters character of the day who needs help with X pokemon. Team rocket shows up for 1 maybe 2 episodes to steal said pokemon and by fighting alongside the pokemon to save it ash resolves the issue. Insert new team capture/evolution every 20ish episodes.

Ash makes it to the gym, like 6/10 times he loses on the first match and wins on the Rematch after training for a new move.

Companion character gets 3ish episodes to their arc.

Rinse and repeat.

So the formula did need changing up overall.
This is probably the most I've enjoyed an episode of this show in years. Seriously- it was so much fun start to finish! Kasumi was so much more entertaining here than in those Alola episodes, her dynamic with Satoshi was so entertaining too! This is what happens when the writers let the main characters have fun with one another!

All of that old nostalgic Kanto music was such a treat too! It really makes me optimistic for the rest of the series.

The Rocket trio were enjoyable as well, but I really wish they were allowed to use old Pokemon. If Satoshi can just have a random selection of his old crew each episode, surely the Rockets can do the same thing? Even just out of the Pokemon they left at HQ? At least it really does seem like they're getting a unique motto sequence each episode, which is great because the one we had today was great.

If the rest of the series can be this quality I'll be very happy!
This isn´t a love letter to older fans.
It is, to all the people who are genuinely intrigued at the prospect of having new main characters for the anime (or at least, aren't as bitter about Ash's departure as you are). I understand if people are distraught that the character(s) that they grew up with is finally leaving after over 2 decades, but you're making this decision sound more insane and non-sensical than it actually is. Yes, Ash being able to stay around for that long is a strong reason for him to stay, but the fact that he's been around for that long is an equally strong reason for him to be retired eventually. Things have to end eventually, and we're seeing it happen now.

Anyway, considering all the callbacks that we've been getting in these past two episodes, I think it's fair to say that this series is definitely intended to be a love letter to older fans, disregarding whatever feelings people might have regarding Ash leaving the series.
This episode was on point! I realized how much I missed the original series' snarky interactions. Some say Ash is not snarky and sarcastic anymore because he "matured" but I genuinely don't buy that. I see these two indifferent to each other. You can mature and still be snarky as a person. So it was a blast to see finally once more the OS vibes all around. They actually tried to pull that out with Iris back then, but it did not escalate like it was intended. Also I love how Misty is vibing with Psyduck and Azurill there. Both Pokémon are quite loveable to be around!

I wonder if Politoed being "the guardian deity of Cerulean Gym" was a reference to Alola?

I just find it a bit odd that Pikachu was willing to battle Misty. In fact, he was very excited for it. Because the Pikachu that we knew of have already rejected to battle alongside Ash against Misty back in the day. I wish the writers made a reference to that, as well.
This isn´t a love letter to older fans. It´s anaesthesia so those fans don´t complain to much about the absulute insanity of their decision to retire Ash. Does anyone, after watching this episode, believe that they had no way to keep Ash around for generation 9? They can try to pull wool over my eyes, but I can see very well through their lies.
Geez project harder. I don't think there's many people around here arguing that keeping Ash was impossible because of his strength, as much as saying it's okay to end his story here before it becomes a zombie franchise. Especially considering how so many of us were always saying "Ash winning this League wouldn't have to mean the end of the show". Every single darn series.

Not to mention you're terribly off-topic, a full-on rant against SM/Journeys and about wanting to stick with the OS-XY "formula" forever doesn't go here just because you throw a "liked the episode (y)" at the beginning. Go to General Discussion or one of the gazillion threads about these topics.

We get enough series-wide rants clogging the episodic discussions as it is, it's starting to get on my nerves.
I just find it a bit odd that Pikachu was willing to battle Misty. In fact, he was very excited for it. Because the Pikachu that we knew of have already rejected to battle alongside Ash against Misty back in the day. I wish the writers made a reference to that, as well.
Pikachu got over that after Kanto; he battled her in both Johto and Sun/Moon.
I wouldn't mind Misty keeps Clauncher at Oak's lab when she isn't using it. It would make Corphish happy and Clauncher wouldn't mind I guess. And they can continue to train together. But this is hopeful headcanon for the moment. :p
Yesssss that's my daughter! That's my ship!!

I love love love seeing Ash and Misty interacting like the good old days. I love Ash no matter what but GOD I missed this side to his personality; he and Misty continue to bounce off each other so well, they have fantastic chemistry and it's just such a delight to see, especially after a VERY long stretch of time where Ash wasn't really allowed to be anything but nice. And Misty continues to show once again why she'll always be my favorite of the girls. She's just so much fun and it's always a joy to see her again. Really looking forward to seeing how she and Cilan will interact next week!
Something was off about the ending timing wise, I think the beginning of the next episode should have revealed Misty was following him.

It just felt weird that they just cut from the seaside and go right into her following him with no departing scene between them. I’d rather have had a departing scene, where she makes a face that foreshadows her following him in the next episode.
Everyone recognizes the Totodile Duel reference in this episode, but there's also another reference that I just saw being pointed out on YouTube: Clauncher going to train with Ash at the end despite Misty winning the battle is a reference to how Misty got her Togepi despite Ash beating her in a contest held to decide its owner.
Ah this was so much more like it! I think the previous episode was just an example that Satoshi can only barely carry an episode by himself, whereas to see him bouncing off Kasumi throughout this episode was :bulbaLove: I mean it was practically perfect. As others have said, that playful back-and-forth could have been overdone and felt OOC but as it was it was perfectly in balance and felt appropriate - two really close old friends lapse into their usual relationship despite years apart. So true to life!

I am so so sooo happy that Kasumi is going to travel with Satoshi because this is the relationship we need on-screen to elevate this series. If any one of Satoshi's old companions could make a success of meeting all the rest of them in an ending arc it is her. Also I thought I was over Pokeshipping lol but apparently not :oops:

As for the TRio, completely understand why others were annoyed to see them hungry again here. However the context and consequence (wanting to eat Udeppou's claw meat LOL) were original and funny enough that I didn't feel the extension of annoyance I would if this was an extension of the Morpeko gag. I really enjoyed them and hope we get to see more variations of them at their expressive best. Definitely onboard with the idea of them being allowed back their HQ mons though...
I actually find Satoshi really mature and cool in this episode regarding his interactions with Kasumi. OS Satoshi would lose his temper rather than successfully trolling Kasumi like this. Also interesting was the mixed signals about pokéshipping in this episode. I wasn't expecting him to outright state his preference for Dent's lure like this. Tomioka has to know what that lure means, right?
Absolutely correct, but I mentioned it as the series is pretty much full of throwbacks/nostalgia baits to the original series, although not exclusively but heavily.
Well, it could be read as a role reversal between Satoshi and Pikachu.
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Wow! It's been a hot minute since I last posted here. But having my girl Kasumi back in the series has dragged me out of the shadows, so to speak. I'm SO happy to see her traveling with Satoshi again, you have no idea. Her interactions with him were just perfect and as others have pointed out, it's so nice to see their banter and teasing after being apart for so long, showing they are still very close friends. Ah! With that final scene where she follows him and acts all tsundere as he confronts her...my Pokéshipper senses are tingling once again!

This episode felt like a breath of fresh air to me after how disappointing Journeys had been.
Some say snarky Ash and modern Ash are incompatible because “maturity” but I think the two always could work hand in hand, hence why mid-late AG Ash is probably my favorite version of the character, felt like a perfect blend. Which why im so glad to see it here, I’m actually mostly fine with SM/JN era happy go lucky Ash but seeing him snark it up with Misty like they haven’t missed a beat was so nice, I actually love the idea that only Misty gets to see this side of him because that’s how close they are, and it’s clearly not OS era actual fighting but playful barbs being tossed back in forth in good humor, staying true to the development of both characters, lovely writing. That last scene made me feel like a kid again.

Great episode.
I have watched this episode twice since Friday and I have watched the clips countless times. While I enjoyed last week's episode, this week's was just above and beyond in every way imaginable.

With Ash and Misty being my two all time favorite Pokémon characters, this episode was an absolute treat for me. And fully admitting that those two probably could've just stood there staring at one another for 22 minutes and I would've eaten it up, the way they interacted with one another in this episode was so perfect. I said in last week's recap I feel like in recent series Ash has become a bit too much of a friendly, hollow character, but how the first episode of Aim to be a Pokémon Master countered that nicely. Well, this episode fired it up from all angles! Both he and Misty fell right back into that dynamic that I always loved, while still showing a certain level of maturity. The little quips, the snarky comebacks, the faces that were made, it was all so much fun! Not to mention how it was referenced a couple of times that Ash and Misty are drawn together by fate, which is something that was brought up when they first went their separate ways.

And how nice is it that Misty was able to catch a new Pokémon?! I was really hoping they would go in the opposite direction of the Totodile episode and have Misty win this time around, and they did! It's been a while since she made a catch, so I'm thrilled that she ended up with a brand new Pokémon on her team. I saw some people were upset that Ash lost the battle, but I'm sorry, how unrealistic are your expectations? It would be so insanely unbelievable for Ash to win every single battle he ever has again. It's not even like Corphish was on the team he used to beat Leon, so I don't get the criticism over it. And honestly, I think it's totally fair that Misty was the first person we saw him lose to on screen after the World Championship. She's a great battler herself, and she and Ash always have a great battle together. It's also pretty clear that Corphish and Clauncher were meant to represent Ash and Misty, and I really love how that was incorporated into the story.

Team Rocket referring to her as the "original brat girl" had me :bulbaLove: I just hope they'll eventually get to be reunited with some of their older Pokémon, too! It's kind of a bummer they don't have any Pokémon on them besides Wobbuffett (we all know Meowth doesn't count) and are relying solely on inventions. They deserve to use some of their old Pokémon too!

And finally, the parallel at the end of when Misty originally began following Ash on his journey? It was so perfect. Misty being so timid about it, Ash not falling for it at all, him still attempting to leave without her and Pikachu not even willing to play along because he loves Misty too much...my heart literally could've exploded. These two dorks make me so happy, and watching them get an entire episode all to themselves where they get to show off their personalities and us shippers get tossed some crazy delicious bones is more than enough to get me to understand why Misty never showed up in Journeys beyond a cameo. If the episodes keep up this way, it will serve as a much better representation for her than Journeys would've given her, and since she's my absolute favorite poke girl, I'm more than fine with that!

Seriously, I love Pokémon so much for this episode. It was such a nostalgia trip in the best way possible and watching it made me so happy. This is easily going to be one of those episodes I can watch over and over again and never get tired of!
I did not love Team Rocket's role (them appearing just before an important battle is another trope that shouldn't have returned) or the absense of dancing Totodile, but everything else was chef's kiss. :love:
  • Ash and Misty's interactions were perfect, it feels like their OS selves were allowed to meet again. I did not expected the lure Misty gave Ash to be acknowledged again. Maybe Ash didn't use it because it's too valuable for him?
  • The battle had surprisingly good animation and some strategies. Politoed is one of my favorite Pokemon so it was nice to see it again.
  • Team Rocket's desire to eat Clauncher's claw will definitely get toned down or removed.
  • Corphish and Clauncher's friendship was interesting, both species were overdue for more focus! And as a fan of AG it was great to see Corphish getting some development.
  • That finale was really nostalgic.
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