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kieran's oc and pokeverse hideout


get ready to feel the icy bite of reality.
Jul 26, 2023
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This first post will serve as a masterpost for all my trainer OCs (may include some regular pokemon/pmd as well, we'll see....), some fankids here, some ocxcanon, some existing in canon regions and some in their own fan regions! I'll also have a post for info about my personal pokeverse(s) and timelines for the games and canon characters here
Please feel free to ask any questions or for more info on any of them, I love talking about my OCs and Pokeverses :D

If a character is marked with a :N: it means I co-own them with my partner!

  • :N: Akon Wolfe - he/ae - Team Rocket Coroner
    • Ace is Victreebel.
    • Name is pronounced like and comes from "Aconite", or wolf's bane.
    • Parents own Cianwood Pharmacy, he was an outcast and weirdo growing up. Attended Medical school but dropped out to join TR.
  • :N: Martin "Demo" Burgerton - he/they - Team Rocket Recruiter
    • Yes that is his last name. Blame my boyfriend.
    • VERY far after postgame in certain timelines, moves to Paldea and lives with Akon (whom he marries)
    • Ace is Audino.
    • Originally a failed movie director from Unova, fled to Kanto and joined Team Rocket. He is, quite literally, the Nugget Bridge guy.
  • Matei Procella - he/him - Team Rocket Admin (deceased)
    • Petrel's dead husband lol, I made him for my Petrel backstory and then got attached
    • He died on a Legendary capture mission gone wrong.
    • Very prideful.
    • Ace is Ditto.
  • :N: Cygnus Arkwright - he/him - Team Rocket Grunt (deceased)
    • Little sibling of Elite Four Grimsley! Too bad he was recruited into TR at a young age and then died on a dangerous mission just before the Radio Tower operation.
    • Ace is Swanna.
  • Haru (Last name TBA) - they/she - Team Rocket Grunt
    • Haru joined TR as a way to escape the law, as she (in a blind fit of rage) killed someone who put her sister in the hospital.
    • They're (unfortunately) best friends with Demo.
    • Ace is Growlithe.
  • Mayu "Pilot" Takata - she/they - Team Rocket Admin
    • Shipped with Proton but in a really complicated way and there's angst and shit idkman. Also shipped with Penny (OC)
    • Ace is Noctowl.
    • Mommy issues, dead dad, just a whole bunch of things
  • Penny Brooke - she/her - Team Rocket Grunt
    • Ace is Granbull.
    • Former child star who faded into obscurity as a late teen and joined TR to feel something again.
    • Eventually dates Mayu.
    • Made her before SV was out lol
  • Vera Andrei - they/them - Team Rocket Scientist
    • Ace is Ditto.
    • They do NOT enjoy their job and didn't even want to join TR in the first place, but the place they were working for was essentially taken over by them and they were recruited in against their will.
    • They're an AU of an existing OC for the game End Roll.

  • Charles "Neptune" Katzmann - he/she/it - Team Galactic Commander
    • The guy in my sig and pfp currently. He's p much my self insert for Team Galactic!
    • Sticks around post-platinum, helps Saturn run things as an honest energy company.
    • Ace is Luxray.
    • Formerly a coordinator, his career kinda fell through after the team galactic stuff though
    • ~Projection~
    • Dating my partner's Commander OC, Mercury, in most depictions. May use him in some RP settings though, so this relationship may not exist in some timelines since i don't Own Mercury
  • Gloria Méndez - she/her - Team Galactic Scientist
    • I haven't developed her a ton, but like Vera she's an AU of an End Roll OC!
    • Ace is Porygon-Z
    • Generally agrees with Cyrus' ideals.
  • Verona Demirci - she/they - Perishsongshipping (Karen/Proton)
    • Adopted daughter of Proton and Karen in my Rehabverse !
    • Loves bug type pokemon, has a Ledyba
    • Best friends with Honeydew
  • :N: Jade, Alto, Sol, and Cerith Arkwright - they/them, he/they/neos, and he/ey- Dichotomyshipping (Proton/Grimsley/Sidney)
    • These guys are extremely self-indulgent and also exist in the Rehabverse. Or some versions of it. I will go into Rehabverse at a later date lol
    • Jade is a calm introspective emo artist, Alto is a high-energy punk, Sol is a meek casual goth kiddo, and Cerith is the baby (3y/o) who likes water types
    • They're all adopted!

  • :N: Stella Arkwright - she/fey - Grimsley's younger sister
    • Fairy-type user and all around Love-lover
    • Moves to Kalos upon marrying a rich and skilled battler from there. Lives in Vaniville and has one kid
    • That child just so happens to be Calem! Specifically Rival!Calem, but I may develop a version where he's the hero too
  • :N: Nebula Arkwright - they/them - Grimsley's older sibling
    • Normal-type user and music producer
    • Moves to Galar, had a husband from there who divorced them after the Arkwright family went under and lost all their money(Whole story lmao)
    • Before being divorced, had two kids: Piers and Marnie
  • Cass (Last Name TBA) - they/it - Gingko Guild Member
    • Neptune's ancestor!
    • Has weak telekinetic abilities, but hides them
    • Ace is a Chimecho that they're scared of
    • Never trusted that Volo guy. But never really trusted anyone, soooo....
    • May ship them with Sanqua I'm undecided

I am now deciding that my fanregion characters will get their own posts eventually so that's it for now! More will be linked on this first post as I post. Thanks for reading and feel free to ask questions!
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Added the rest of my non-fanregion OCs! And also decided to make this a general thread for both pokemon OCs + general pokeverse stuff (headcanons, ships, timelines, etc.)

Next post should be a list of my different pokeverse timelines? But we'll see...

Also, let me know if you want me to add images of each of my OCs! They all have art, just not on-site.
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