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wick's oc blog!

Jul 5, 2023
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as the title says, i thought i'd make a little side blog to elaborate on my oc + fankid lore here and just to ramble about developmental stuff for them, you're free to ask any questions if you have any! it'll probably be mostly fankid centric since im most attached to them.

list of fankids i've made/what ship they're based on (will probably be moved to under a spoiler tag should this list become longer in the future which is. very possible)

lux, cheri
- rewriteshipping / sordward x sonia (there are some implications in cheri's lore that she is not sordward's kid, but for the most part i'll probably ignore that since that all stemmed from a joke that led to her creation originally, and most of the time isnt canon to her lore; but i still wanted to put this here anyway just incase it does come up somewhere down the line)

lori - shielbert kid with an unspecified mother, though me and my friends joke about it being melony. it is worth noting though that in the lore for lux, cheri and lori somewhere down the line royalnightshipping becomes canon, and for the most part lori does not care about her bio mom and just considers nita to be her mom.

una - nessa x holly(OC)

amy - royalshieldshipping / shielbert x leon, amy isn't canon to the same timeline/lore as lux, cheri, and lori but i might still sometimes talk about them together or draw them together, it's more of a hypothetical thing.

this list isnt formatted very well but shjhf i wasnt sure how to format it. i'll hopefully improve on it in the future; rn im focusing on just my fankids but i'm happy to share and talk about my other general pokemon oc stuff if people want to know about it.

lux.png cheri.png lux cousin.png una for post.png shielleon pilled.png
i'll need to add him here when i finally redesign and draw him but i do have another sordsoni fankid that was made long before lux and cheri named perci, and hes really funny to me bc half of his entire thing is just that he really wants his parents to get divorced for some reason. iim just kinda worried that as he is right now he looks too much like lux hairstyle wise (and in general) unless i maybe make them twins??
toying with the idea of making a piers x sonia fankid who's a raver...my og idea was happy hardcore dj but im kiiinda hesitant abt the idea since gen 9 literally just did a dj character(even if mine would be tied to a specific subgenre/subculture);
was writing out bios for my ocs on tumblr and i realized like midway through writing it that like. even if it wasn't intentional i very much wrote lori to suffer from some form of neurological sleep disorder so im trying to decide if i want to do my research to name anything specific or just leave it vague;; also writing out oc bios is hard bc i always feel like i write too much or too little

i need to actually write out more for amy, i feel like she's significantly less fleshed out than the other 3 just as a result of her not really being canon to the same little verse my other 3 fankids are from(but to be fair i still listed amy alongside their relatives even if she's not really meant to exist in the same universe as them)..i think there's a lot of interesting things i could do with amy though in how different her situation growing up was from lori's (hence why they exist in separate timelines because this wouldn't really make sense in the same timeline)
woo i guess i'll drop this here if thats ok! i received back a skeb commission today from ihara113o on twitter of lori with ortega from pokemon sv as a couple...its so cute ahh あいはらさん's art is lovely and they drew lori so well,,


i could ramble soo much abt this...i love lori's expression and the way she's looking at ortega so much...ortega looks slightly flustered as well and i think that works well for their type of relationship. also i really like how lori's hair was drawn here it looks good...this is the first time ive ever had anyone other than myself draw her so its really nice to see her stand the test of being drawn in other styles as well!!

i just look at this and now im thinking abt my silly ocxcanon cringethoughts...i think lori teases him a lot while they're chatting,,even in general she probably kinda embarrasses him a lot by just how forward and friendly she is in nature (she has never read social cues ever. shes like a puppy who thinks everyone and everything wants to be friends with her)
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