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Lissis official art edits shop!

Oct 28, 2023
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  1. She/Her
Hey guys! My normal art shop kinda flopped cause I don’t have any motivation (lol), but, I have recently gotten into editing official arts to match headcanons! Here’s an example:
(sorry it’s not letting me insert an image rn, I’ll edit and add it later!)

try not to be too complicated, but I will do slightly more complicated things if I want ig. Try to be specific or add a reference picture! I’ll try to be more efficient with these and actually finish them lol

Btw I’m only doing Pokémon characters. Might do Pokémon depends on what it is.

Here’s a queue:

Five just in case.
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Hey, by any chance can you make this guy absurdly tall? With really long arms to match?

File:Allister TW.png

Thanks in advance!
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