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More Generation V localizations revealed: Munna keeps name, others get new titles

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Professor Juniper. FUCKING JUNIPER! Ah, well. It'll grow on me ^o^
Blitzle- I'm not sure where le comes from since it doesn't come from Zebra at all unless there's a reference to a famous one. But otherwise it's nice.

Blitzle's cool, but I'm not sure where the -zle comes from.
I was stumped on this at first, but after thinking about it a bit, I realized that it's probably Blitz + Little, since it's the first stage and all and it makes more sense than anything else I've heard so far.
Munna... is Munna. It seems the same, but yet is vastly superior!
Pidove will stick. It's, honestly, like Starly.
Sandile... good one.
Blitzle... meh, I was expecting something else, but fine.
Minccino... guess it's a mink, not a chinchilla anymore.
Klink, Kiklink, Kikiklink. It will happen.
Darmanitan... it'll take me months to get used to that.
Gigalith... good!
Castelia... it's actually better than "Hiun City".
Juniper... plant name, suits her.
Big Pecks... nice pun.
Sheer Force... it's the same.
Moxie... wut?
Wild Charge... I'd prefer Wild Bolt.
Telekinesis... didn't change.
Tail Slap... why did it change?
Right because Chillarmy's name was so much harder to say >.>
Minccino is alot harder to say, they should have kept Chillarmy, I am so used to saying that now.

Big Pecks? Gee I am glad that's an ability not an move, can you imagine going Mamepato/Pidove use Big Pecks on that Chillarmy/Minccino (Did they change it just because it had the word breast in it, if so then the world must be really that uptight if a word that is used very common not just to say a women's chest but refer as Breast chicken, breast pocket etc).

I dunno about the others yet, I seem to like the Japanese names first, maybe because I heard them first? Whereas with 1st, 2nd and 3rd Gen I always knew of the English name, sort of for the 4th but I think I knew the Jap ones too,.
I really won't be surprised if Klink's evolutions wind up being Kaklink and Kaklank, or Klank and Kaklank.
Zoroark: I'm not actually Colonel Klink; I'm just assuming his form!
I really like all of the names. Castellia City sounds so happy and makes me feel warm and relaxed inside.

Juniper? Juniper! That's a really nice name!

My favorite is probably Darmanitan, Gigalith, Sandile or Minccino.

I'm glad that they kept Munna. Now I hope that Musharna will also be kept.

Now I think that Bel will be called Belle or Bella.
Big pecks? Is NoA afraid of writing "breasts"?
Sheer force? Again, afraid of writing "brute"?
Moxie? Does that word exist?

It's curious how other locatizations (Spanish "Autoestima" and Italian "Arroganza" for Overconfident, Italian "Forzabruta" for Brute Force) are rather more accurately translated than the 'universal' English localization. Now I wish Mexico had a Spanish localization instead of having to deal with the English versions.

Juniper sounds pretty good. Much better than "Yew" as Juniper does sound like a woman's name but keeps the tree/plant theme naming tradition ("Yew" makes me think of "Jew", so no please). And I don't think about Juniper Lee, but about Jennifer Juniper, the lovely Donovan song <3 so I'm digging that name.

About the Pokémon, all of them are fine, exceot for Pidove. While I understand the love/dove pun, I think this was one of those cases which -unlike the moves and abilities- a literal translation is not the best way to go. COME ON!! It's a pudgy pidgeon, Pudgeon had to be its name. I don't care, I'm naming my Pidove Pudgeon. Problem solved.

And Castelia City sounds OK in my opinion. Not perfect, but quite good.

So overall, my only true complaint are those bland, self-censored moves and abilities names. Otherwise, I'm more than pleased.
It's always funny to watch Wapanese people complain about English names :)

I have no problems with any of them. I never have problems with English names by the way.
I'm surprised so few people know about moxie. It's really quite a good fit.
I'm surprised so few people know about moxie. It's really quite a good fit.

I say the same thing :/

Either people don't think it's a word or start talking about dolls. Ugh.
To be fair, that advert is annoying as hell, and is on all the time.

It is, but still, a dictionary search to see why Nintendo chose it wouldn't be a horrible thing to do. It is fitting.
It is, but still, a dictionary search to see why Nintendo chose it wouldn't be a horrible thing to do. It is fitting.
Yeah, I was lucky enough to know the meaning of the word...but I will admit, that advert hit my head as soon as I heard the name xD
I hate Moxies D: but the name is fitting.

Loving all the names, save for Juniper.
Gigalith ftw! Totally fitting. I wonder what it's prevo's will be named...
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