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More Generation V localizations revealed: Munna keeps name, others get new titles

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I go out to a family meal, come back, and see all these names?!

My thoughts...Why were Chillarmy and Gear changed?!

I like Sandile, and Blitzel reminds me of Fritzl. Gigalith is awesome; similar, yet not.
I actually think the names are okay. Waaay better than what happened to Mijumaru. And Klink... I'm gonna have a little too much fun nicknaming that guy. So many potential Hogan's Heroes references. :)
A lot of the new dub names look good written, but a lot of them seem kind of odd when you pronounce them.

Especially Pidove and Darmanitan. But mainly because the root words pigeon and orangutan have odd pronunciations that don't quite work when combined with other words.

Don't see why people are shocked Gear was changed...it's an extremely common English word, so that's why they changed it. In Japan, it's got the whole foreign thing going for it. Plus, I believe they changed it for copyright reasons I assumed.
I don't like some of these names, mainly Pidlove and Big Pecks, as they both sound so strange -_-. But I do like Professor Juniper, as it is much easier to pronounce then Araragi :p Klink and Blitzle sound rather cool, but I really dont like Sandile: why do they always have to throw a Dile into their crocodile Pokemon? Meguroco and Mamepato were much betters names
I like: Pidove, Blitzle, Klink, and Professor Juniper.

I dislike: Sandile(I was hoping for something a bit more original) and Minccino (I just preffered Chillarmy)
I gotta say, Blitzle is the only one that's really got me stumped. I mean, 'Blitz' is pretty obvious, but where does the rest of it come from? The first thing related to Zebras that came to mind was 'foal', but that'd be a bit of a stretch I reckon. It just seems weird that they wouldn't go for a Zebra pun.
Minccino- Does that have "H" sound in it, otherwise the double cc is really confusing but for the moment I'll go with "Min-chino." Sounds neat actually.

Gigalith- I like it since its straight forward.

Sandile- Hmm? Wasn't that a guess someone made a long time ago when Meguroco was first revealed, or at least something around there. Because I remember seeing Sandile somewhere early in the BW stuff (as in before September or whatever).

Blitzle- I'm not sure where le comes from since it doesn't come from Zebra at all unless there's a reference to a famous one. But otherwise it's nice.

Pidove- Before I went to bed last night *COUGH* At 7 in the morning*Cough* excuse me, but I was just wondering then how they were going to localize Mamepato, seeing as how unfortunately there was Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Pidgeot even though they weren't really Pigeons. But I guess Pigeon and Dove together isn't too bad. Pidove, okay.

Klink- Not sure why you're complaining over this one. I would much rather have Klink over Gear, so definite props for the localization for that one.

Darmanitan- I guess it's okay, I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to feel about it, I mean I don't feel anything negative about it. Oh well, I guess it's okay.

Munna- Completely unoriginal. What a boring ass name. Oh wait. It kept it's Japanese name? Well that's confusing seeing as how Munna likely only makes sense in the Japanese language, since I can't see how Munna applies to the English language at all. But hey if they didn't want to touch it, or couldn't think of a "good" name than I guess keeping it the same is fine.

Sheer Force- Really? Come on, that would sound better as a move. Venusaur use sheer force. It'll be the more powerful version of strength, and it'll actually throw the boulder until it hits something. instead of moving it "one tile at a time."

Moxie- That sounds, even though I'm probably wrong, but it sounds like a kid friendly version of "you got balls."

Big Pecks- I can just see some adult who knows that Pokemon comes from Japan, and things are localized, but doesn't know a lot about it, I can just see how they can think "Big Pecks? Geez what was it originally? It must've been really bad if they 'toned' it down". Because to me that's what Big Pecks seems to look like, only a bit more obvious than Moxie though.

Professor Juniper- Well at least it wasn't Professor Ew, I mean Yew. But really the Juniper tree? Eh, I guess there aren't that many feminine tree names out there.

Castelia City- I like it a lot, because it almost seems like the name comes from Castle, though probably not. I'm at least looking forward to seeing this pronounced, and I hope it's pronounced the way I think.

Oh an LOL at Darumacho the French version of Darmanitan. And I think I can see why they named it that. There's man in "Darmanitan' so I can't help but think they are using a clever 'Macho Man' reference.

And I think that's it.

Not hard. Although I admit, I had to get my older brother to pronounce it first =3
Hmm...well, y'know, I know quite a few people (me included!) who pronounce it "or-rang-gu-tang"...so, in that case, it'd be "Dharm-man-i-tang". :p

I actually like that better, since it rhymes.
I pretty much like all the names. 8D Pidove sounds a bit meh. Blitzle sounds similar to Buizels name. 8/
Well, the -roco in Meguroco was hypothesized to be from cROCOdile, so that helps explain the -dile. The Meguro, though, means "black-eyed" or "blind". Then again, blowing sand CAN blind you obliquely.

Humorous bit: The eldest known use of "Moxie" isn't the old 1920s/30s bitter soft drink, but various patent medicines dating from 1876 onwards. Thought to have come from a term in one of the Native American tongues, it was supposed to fortify your nerves. Putting Zuruzukin and the Dream World retinue aside, does that put Sandile, Waruvile, and Waruvial in the role of Ekans oil merchants?
Glad they kept Munna.
Pidove...it's okay?
Sandile, not the epitome of creativeness but with 649 'mons not all of them can be dazzling.
Blitzle's cool, but I'm not sure where the -zle comes from.
Don't see why they changed Chillarmy I'm fine with Minccino.
Klink...better than Gear at least.
Darmanitan's good, way better than what I can think of lol.
Gigalith's good, glad they kept it similar.
I really like Castelia.
Same with Juniper.
Big Pecks...lol don't see why they changed that.
Sheer Force, ok whatever
Moxie reminds me of Moxie dolls. You know, those Bratz look-alikes?
Wild Charge, okay.
Same with Telekinesis and Tail Slap.

Overall I'm really pleased with these names. :)
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To me, Pidove, Sandile, and Blitzle could've been a bit better, but I see exactly where they come from, so I gotta give them props for having reasonable names. As for my favorite name of the new ones, I'd say it would be either Minccino or Gigalith. Not bad, not bad. The names are getting betterr this Generation.
Yay Munna stays the same. I don't think I would be able to adapt to using a different name for it.
*has already picked a Gen V favorite*
I'm in love with the names Blitzle, Darmanitan, Gigalith, and Sandile, but then again, I like those 4 to begin with, so I'm indifferent to Pidove, Klink, & Minccino. For Darmanitan, his name reminds me of the world, Domination, Demolition, and Daruma, which is pretty fitting for me considering how much of a beast it is.
I really like Sandile and Pidove. Not really liking Professor Juniper. I really thought she was going to be Professor Yew.
Pidove sounds pretty cool and there might even be a hidden reference to "love" in there (be it on purpose, or coincidental). Sandile sounds amazingly cute! I wasn't expecting it to be so simple but it worked out well enough. Minccino is one name that'll take some getting used to, but I'm glad that Munna remained the same at least.
Sandile, Gigalith and Klink are my favorites so far. Though the last one makes me think of a Donkey Kong Country villain instead of a Pokemon.

Curious to see who else keeps their names asides from Munna.
I actually was hoping for Gear. To me, it's more fitting than Klink. Although it does make me wonder what its evolutions will be named...
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