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Most Interesting Part Of Your Day


"Juliet"/"Julie" | pfp by KTG | Sig art by Okido
Apr 27, 2022
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Any part of your day stand out for being interesting, unique or unusual? Use this thread to bring em up.

For me, it was waking up to an entire group of crows in my backyard today. Probably at least like... 40 of em. They covered a good majority of it, and it was simultaneously cool yet eerie.
After work, I took a path I rarely ever take due to strikes with bus transportation, and that was actually faster to get back home than the path I usually take. But I had to walk some more, so I got more tired by the end of it.
had to do a project for my Human Sexuality class where we make a powerpoint going over an STI and doing like. a faux comprehensive sex-ed module over it. i chose HPV. i generally don't really like making powerpoints but this was very informative and fun
Took my dog for his morning walk in the woods and there's this small pond we often pass. To my excitement, it was chock full of frogspawn! Most of the clusters were in the shallower parts of the water and I caught a glimpse of the little developing tadpoles up close.
Went bowling with my dad this afternoon (he had a half-day at work). We played two games, as per usual. Got my second highest score to date (170) and pretty much demolished dad. And dad... got his trademark gutter ball with bumpers (yes, we play with bumpers... so what?). And we practically had the place to ourselves since we got there just a little bit after they opened, so that was really nice. Overall, fun times.
Had planned to give my history teacher a gift tomorrow and it turns out tomorrow is actually his birthday... also leap day. Poor sod is only 11 years old.

I found the coincidence so amusing that I couldn't stop smiling in class even though we were talking about the atrocities Japan committed in the 1930s. Oops.
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