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Jun 11, 2004
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I think it has more titles as well.
Oooh! DP001 was not done by either Kunihiko Yuyama (he did EP001 and AG001), nor by Hidaka Masamitsu (former director of the anime)... instead it's the new director, Sudō Norhiko.

Also note - DP001 - DP003 will be broadcast on the same day.

Here is Serebii's rough translations:

Episode 470 (DP02): "We Must Find Pikachu! Route 202!"
Episode 471 (DP03): "Rival Battle! 3 VS 3!"
Episode 472 (DP04): "Pochama VS Subomi(Not Sure here...seems to be a new Pokémon name)! Hikari's First Battle!"
There's a long vowel at the end of that name. It's Subomii. Anyway, Hikari's starter is confirmed as Pochama, and for the first time, we have an indication of Ash in DP. I know people will probably say it could be a random Pika in Shinou, but the urgency of the title might suggest otherwise.
Another thing to think about... these four (!) episodes all have the same screenwriter - though it isn't necessarily true that it will be a four-part episode. (For example, it could be a six-part episode. :) Or three-part + one-part.)
The fact we have a new director could be good...or bad.
So the two hour special is really the first four eps of DP, and not just one big event. Heh.
No, the two hour special is the first three episodes. DP004 airs on October 5.

Also... checking back to the original series, the first two episodes both had the same screenwriter.

Anyway... the new director has been doing AG since AG171, so is nothing to be concerned about. Also something I didn't notice: the previous director is doing the storyboard for DP004.
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Oh. Ok. Speculation time. This leaves either Naetle or Hikozaru for Ash. I guess the monkey just got bumped to being the most likely in interest of not being redundant on Grass types, but who knows, maybe he does have a certain allure for them.
It's a random Pikachu. *shot*

And I've got some issues with the first title there. This is the first time since early Kanto they've mentioned Route let alone their numbers. Why would they start now? And why 202 and not 201?
The new Prof. looks familiar. And yet another bike ready to be Pika fodder. Ash needs to find a better way to meet girls. Scott's nightmare come true, this IS an AG rehash.
Oh yes... my gosh yes... Gary... in his FR/LG clothes...

Nanamakado is in a white coat... it doesn't suit him.

So could that Elekible belong to Gary?
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Ahaha! Hikari has a bike! ^_^ Who wants to bet it's DESTROYED?!
If that is real, I will DIE in fangirlish squeals....


:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Everything does look slightly off model though. And Gary's clothes are his Fr/Lg ones (Which would be awesomely cool). And if real, it seems Ash doesn't get changed until after he reaches Shino....

Bah. I hate the fact that there are so many fakes floating around. I so want this to be real. :(

Also, Ash will probably get Naetle. Ash ALWAYS gets the Grass Starter, either exclusively like Treecko or first, like Bulbasaur and Chikorita.
Some clarification about the images: Those of Ash and Gary (who is using Eleboo) are from the preview for next week's episode, those of Hikari and the starters are from the sneak peek at the upcoming series.

I had hoped for the shocking surprise to be a character never before seen, with affinity to the FireRed and LeafGreen games - the female character. In turn, we have Gary throwing his robe and revealing an attire identical to that of the respective game character. Has he returned to Kanto in his "true" appearance merely to implore Ash to head to Shin'ou? Why is Ash not shown in his new attire (which, unfortunately, does not match FireRed and LeafGreen judging by the magazine scan) while on a boat presumably headed to Shin'ou?

Will Ash's new adventure boil down to discovering the means to Aipom's evolution?
Am I the ONLY one that that doesn't want to see Ash with ANY of the starters? I mean, it'd be more original, heck, and it'd allow for other Pokemon to shine instead. Of course the chances of that happening are almost zero to none, but I can still hope.
I thought it was a little too soon to be recieving images for the first Diamond and Pearl episode. I'm guessing then, that he doesn't change until on the boat. And the capture there is the boat departing... On another note, if that's the preview for the next episode, then Gary can't be the rival mentioned in the title for episode three.
Ash and Gary both looks weird.

And i still hope:
- he is NOT heading to Shinou.
- Hikari will save her bike ^^
Oho! Gary no longer has his pendant! (Then again, neither does Blue. Uh, Green. Whatever.)
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