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New Indigo Disk trailer from Pokémon World Championships Closing Ceremony shows off returning First Partner Pokémon, new attacks, and new Tera Type

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First Partner Pokémon return, alongside new Paradox PokémonThe Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, the paid DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, received a brand new trailer during the closing ceremony for the 2023 Pokémon World Championships. This new trailer revealed new details about Part 2, The Indigo Disk, including the return of past generation First Partner Pokémon, more information on recently announced Paradox Pokémon, a selection of new attacks, and a teaser for a brand new Tera Type.

First announced on February 27th during a Pokémon Presents, and made available for pre-purchase later that day, Part 1 of The Hidden Treasures of Area Zero, The Teal Mask, is set to be released on September 13th, with Part 2 following sometime around the holiday season.

Catching Bulbasaur
First Partner Pokémon

As stated in the trailer, it appears that past generation First Partner Pokémon will be widely available in The Teal Mask, with players able to capture these Pokémon in the wild.

New Info on Paradox Pokémon
Raging Bolt and Iron Crown were both officially revealed for the first time in the August 8th Pokémon Presents trailer. Today's trailer provided additional information on these Pokémon, revealing their types for the first time. Raging Bolt is an Electric/Dragon Pokémon, while Iron Crown is a Steel/Psychic Pokémon.

New Moves
Several new moves were shown off as part of the trailer, each of which has special effects to disrupt particular battle strategies. An update posted to the official Scarlet & Violet site provided additional information on the first two of these moves.

Psychic Noise
In addition to damage, this Psychic-type special move prevents its target from healing HP through any means for a certain number of turns.

Upper Hand
This Fighting-type physical move acts as a counter to an opponent's Priority moves, allowing the user to both strike first, and cause their opponent to flinch without fail. This risky counter-move will only work if the opponent selected a priority move, meaning players will need to be confident they're able to read their opponent's intentions if they want to use this move.

From the information presented in the trailer, Thunderclap appears to be an Electric-type special move with Priority, attacking before opponents. The degree of Priority this move will have is not clear at this time. This move appears to be the signature move of Raging Bolt.

Tachyon Cutter is Super Effective against Mimikyu
Tachyon Cutter

This new move is guaranteed to hit opponents twice in a row. While the trailer does not explicitly state the type of this move, the move is shown to be Super Effective against Mimikyu, which is weak to only Steel and Ghost-types. Given this, and that Tachyon Cutter is the signature move of the Steel-type Iron Crown, it seems safe to assume that the move is also Steel-type.

New Tera Type
A new Tera Type

Up until now, all Tera Types in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have corrosponded to one of the regular 18 Pokémon Types. With The Teal Mask, a nineteeth Tera Type will be added to this mix. While no specific details have been given about this new Tera Type, the imagery of the trailer seems to imply this is some sort of Rainbow or Universal type. This may suggest a Type that is completely neutral to all other types, with no bonuses or penalties to damage dealt to any opposing Pokémon regardless of type, or received from any type of attack. It's quite likely that this new Tera Type may also have some sort of plot significance for The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, most likely in connection to Terapagos.


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