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New Pokemon! New Pokemon!!!!

Just for the record, I understand completely the names may not be 100% correct.

I personally liked my names better anyway, lol....
On Bulbanews, I only transcribed the characters I could recognize. I certainly didn't provide full names. Someone added that on his/her own.
Wow! As soon as I saw the legendaries I thought 'WOAH POWER RANGER/DIGIMON!' But now I've kinda gotten used to them. I still don't understand how they will fit in with the older Pokemon, but still...
Anyway, the new Pokemon at the top. The first one(fom the left), I have no idea. The second one looks like a little sun. (New fire starter...?) The next one is definately a white squirrel with a blue stripe on its tail and yellow cheeks. I can't wait until we know what they really are!
Hey! When these 5 are revealed, we have reached 400 Pokemon!
Lol, that better not mean that they are stopping for this gen. That'd be horrible! I hope all of them arn't revealled when the game comes out. Since I'm preordering the Japanese one I want to explore and find some new ones on my own for a bit.
Someone named Yanni on another Pokemon site drew this pic:
. It is their guess of what the tiny Pokemon at the top look like.
THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL PICTURE! This is someone's guess of what they think the 3 new pokemon at the top of the magazine will look like! I found it here: http://poke-zone.jeun.fr/ftopic18-60.Pokemon-Diamant-Perle.htm
They're cute enough to be starter Pokémon. If they are like that then the appearance winner is the middle one for me, though the one on the right has the charm that led to me starting with Mudkip in Ruby.

The one on the left doesn't look much like a Grass-type, though.
I get how they got the middle and right one, but how did they get the left one from the scan?!
The two Legendaries look very believable, even though they look way to futuristic for my taste.

The middle and right two look like the scans, but I don't really have a clue how they came up with the one on the right.
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I know, that's what I thought. The purple one is the hardest to guess about. I have no idea how they got that. But anyway, I hope that's what it looks like because that is really cute. :)
The squirrel one looks exactly how I think the one on the scan looks, though I thought that in the scan it had yellow cheeks. The middle one is a pretty good guess. But the purple is very hard to figue out.
I could see these being starters Pokemon, but it is still strange how the one that would be grass is purple while every other grass starter is green. :p
July 15th, along with CoroCoro which will probably have the same stuff, however, usually we get scans by the 13th.
I thought there could be 2 more Plusle/Minuns, called Timesur and Divii. Then they could all have one pre-evo called Equalus. :)
Yeah, the new Diamond and Pearl legendaries are really cool as for the other ones... there far to vague to tell what they are.
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