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New Pokemon! New Pokemon!!!!

You're telling me. o.o Looks like we've been Lugified again. Only these two have more of a Lati feel to them. I smell legendary dragons. (I hope) They don't have eyes, which is unusual. o.o I'm not even going to pick at the smaller pixellated things because that pic is not clear. This could be fascinating. o.o
I think the bottom three:

First one looks like Sableye
Second one looks alot like Plusle and Minun, and you can make out a multiplication sign...
Third looks like Chimecho meets Shuppet (Or, as my brohter said, a division Minum)

The Pearl LEdgendary looks like a Nautilus too me.

This scan was from Pokemon Wonderland 8, is it out yet?

EDIT: Actually, the one that looks like Sableye, well after looking at it more it seems to have a brownish tail, and now I think this may be the Aipom evolution!!!

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I guess the covers of the games are going to be blue for diamond and white for pearl. Weird cover-legendaries. Look like something a power-ranger should be riding in.
The two legendaries which are maybe the signature ones of Diamond and Pearl looks rather robot-like, which makes them steel types... maybe. As for the trio, it's not clear enough to say but they look at me for small Pokemon.

PS: I'm pretty sure it is Raia- instead of Tia- on "Tiaga" as they seem to me as ラィアー As for ga... that's defenately not a ga :p
Someone needs to check that site with the trademark names on it too see if their are any new ones added.
The picture on Filb is the biggest pic available, this magazine won' be released till the 15th.
That looks slightly better, the middle one looks more like a flower while the last one looks like a Squirrel.
The legendaries remind me of the Eagle and Wolf pair that is done... I know they are paired up multiple times, but in Rockman.exe 6 is the latest I can think of.

However the one that I think looks like an Eagle looks like a Griffon.

Also I agree that what ever the other three are, two of them are cute. You can see their mouths wide open. I was expecting starters but if it was Plusle and Minun It'd be good, and Aipom would make my guess right :-D

But seriously, Aipom is a cool design of a monster that deseves to be made more powerful. (Farfeth'd also)

After seeing Pokemaster's blown up pic, the other (probably for the Daimond cover) looks like a horse...
Ehhh...scratch that Aipom thought, the brownish parts seem to be the name of it, and the one next to it.

I'm going back to a Sableye evo (look at the face)
Habunake said:
Ehhh...scratch that Aipom thought, the brownish parts seem to be the name of it, and the one next to it.

I'm going back to a Sableye evo (look at the face)

:sweatlol: Well, I hope you're right for both because Stableye is still one of my favorite monsters.

However, for the legendaries... which is far eaiser to guess for... I wonder if their types would be the same. I think it would be very cool if they were Steel and Dragon and one learned Fire while the other learned Ice attacks. It would be intresting... but I still think a steel dragon is an over powered combination.
So, has anyone checked the trademark site for new names, as it may be possible these have been added since they now exist kinda..

I would, but I don't know any japanese nor the site

EDIT: The Sableye evo, which I think it's japanese name could be Yamioni (dark demon)
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I can't see how anyone can possibly comment on anything about those three Pokemon at the top. All you can see is a mess of colours. Hardly enough to be postulating that they are evolutions of anything.

Especially since it's more likely, considering that we know the Starters are being revealed, that those are them.

The legendaries aren't really that clear either. They look like big steel dragons to me. Which, if that's the case, then w00t. Steel/Dragon legendaries would kick all kinds of ass.
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