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New summaries

No. Piplup said that "I want them to actually meet a Duskull, see in on screen at least for a few seconds (hopefully more than that) and have them say it's name to "introduce" it" .
In the very first ep of AG. May meet a Duskull while riding on her bike. And that Duskull suddenly cried its name out and creep May out for a few seconds!
Talking about Wailmer, I really found it odd that they'll introduce it to us. It's quite awkward to me that after all the exciting eps they suddenly came out with a filler with a Hoenn Pokémon. I mean this whale has got quite a no.of appearances already when compared to the others.
But none of the characters said the Pokémon's name in the appearances of Duskull/Barboach you mentioned... for me it's a must thing... someone who only watch the show and don't play the games or read on the internet can't know that this Pokémon he saw at the background is called Barboach since they never said it...
They certainly are giving Roark a generous amount of screentime. For a character that already had 4 eps, giving him a 5th ep is certainly something.

He's gotten so much more screentime than all the other Gym leaders this gen, which is really odd. I guess one of the writers must like him or something.
Gardenia also have plenty of screentime. Not to mention, she'll have at least 1 more ep if Cacnea is to return. Really odd!
Well, it's nice to see minor characters like these get big appearances.
Sumomo got a lot of screen time, too. Four consecutive episodes, with a lot of focus on her personal character development.

The writers in general have been trying to flesh out the Gym Leaders a lot more this generation.
Except for Wake, who only got two eps. His first ep was also more about the Croagunk festival than him too.
Since Bryon is Roark's father it isn't that surprising to see Roark make one more return appearance. I think it's nice that Sinnoh has had more focus on the Gym Leaders instead of the usual intro/battle two part episodes.
And also, Chimchar being the star in the last gym and having it going first here (with obvious problems against Bronzor) just foreshadow that it's gonna get KO'd rather quickly.

I hope not. Buizel got to star in two Gyms and this is one Chimchar ought to be able to walk, especially if it evolves and Monferno gets Brick Break to handle Bastidon with. But Bronzor and Steelix ought to go down fairly quickly.
With Gliscor learning Fire Fang, it also foreshadow the situation very much. The star is Gliscor this time! Though I can still see Chimchar evolves and defeat Steelix, only to be defeated by Bastiodon.
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