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On the Origin of Species: Jirachi: Investigating the inspirations behind Pokémon

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Nov 13, 2005
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On the Origin of Species: Jirachi: Investigating the inspirations behind Pokémon

In a Tanabata special of the series exploring the origins of Pokémon species, we take a look at Jirachi, the Wish Pokémon.

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I remember Jirachi was based on Tanabata, but never knew the backstory to the actual festival. The story is so sweet, Jirachi will always be my favorite pokemon. I'll be sure to wish for good weather for their meeting.
That Tanabata story is really sweet. I can just imagine two "stars" travelling across the Milky Way to meet each other. :)
I had heard that story before but only in very little detail. Interesting as always.
What a beautiful backstory... since you made this article, I'm going to do the Tanabata tradition and hang wishes on something around the house.
Good article as always. I learned something new today! I am also going to hang a wish somewhere and pray for good weather today. ^^
Great article! I really liked that story and I learned something new :)
Very interesting and well researched as usual.
I think it's worth noting that there's an article in Bulbapedia called "List of Tanabata event Pokémon" and it states that "This is a list of Nintendo event Pokémon given away in celebration of the Japanese star festival Tanabata. So far, they are all Jirachi that have berries that are rare or not available in the games."
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Awesome article as expected.
Always learn new things from these articles lol.

I learn more every time I read these. Thanks for teaching me the story of Tanabata.

I also knew Jirachi was coming, LOL.
Well, I have six Jirachi now so here's wishing.

Good article.
Another great article. I don't understand how far-fetched these tales are but they are always heartening.
Hope to see more.
It's a very sweet Pokemon! ;A; Makes Jirachi quite romantic story, too. Like, someone gives you a Jirachi, or you make a wish for someone you love to Jirachi...
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