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Review PG10: The Old Chateau

No point from this Episode, and to me they should talk about getting rotom if they want to talk about this place not about Gastly and Hunter
I hate that Chansey and her stupid grin, just standing around and smiling until it makes some stupid cooing noise. Her trainer was a lot better, but it's weird how "shouju anime" and glossy Cheryl looked. But I liked the style.

Seeing Cheryl and Chansey "eat" from those empty plates was so surreal, I loved it. Just showing the food and having it revealed to be an illusion after would have been predictable, but this way it felt creeper when you knew and could see it was fake.

Fun fact: I could tell the whole of the Chateau was faked because it was so simplistic and bright. Most of the backgrounds in this series are so detailed and realistic, so I knew something was off.

A great episode for the Halloween season. I just hope that if/when we get DP remakes, we can relive something like this in the Old Chateau.
Obligatory Halloween ep is obligatory. In all senses of the word. This ep is too straightforward for what it is, but holy crap nonetheless.
I love the episode for the Halloween like feels...

Interesting use of the ghostly characters I forgot even existed
Oh my god...

I know, right? If this wasn't creepy as h-ll...:eek:

Sooooo..... Cheryl what are you doing in the Chateau? I thought you were playing Keep-Away with Team Galactic.
Honestly, I'm having a little trouble believing that both trainer and pokemon could be so oblivious that they didn't have any kind of sense of.....things not being right.....at all. I mean, I'm fairly certain that if it was me, the hair on the back of my neck would be standing straight out and my danger senses would be firing on all cylinders. But then, of course, I tend to be naturally suspicious of old gothic mansions sequestered in the forest whose sole resident is a butler and there is no one else around. :p

When they began that sing-song ditty as they were walking I knew this was not going to end well. From the non-existent food on the plates to the butler melting into a pile of purple slime, and then that ghost girl at the end. Yikes!

Well, I am not a horror fan by any stretch of the imagination so this episode was good enough for me, I enjoyed it.
This did not work for me. I hate horror, I get scared really easily. But absolutely nothing about this was scary at all. It was just silly.

- Holy hell the art direction in this one was brilliant. The Chateau feels all kinds of wrong, but in exactly the right way. The mismatched patches of color on the walls, and the sharp, Picasso-esque lines and the slight two-dimensionality of the furniture and decorations work like magic and aren't in-your-face at all.
- Cheryl looks good too. I think the shoujo-like gloss, as Karamazov put it, suits her nicely.
- Chansey's pretty cute.
- The false-eating scene is another brilliant bit, and I'd say one of the best scenes to come out of this series (not that there's a lot of competition, but nevertheless).
- After that it just sort of devolves into not-scary horror clichés though, which is unfortunate. Started strong, hit a peak, and didn't know where to go from there.
- Let me guess, this is some alternative future where Lucas/Dawn didn't guide Cheryl through the forest, right? You know, I didn't come into this series wanting to see a slew of pointless AU scenarios and verbatim game scene recreations. More like The Chase/The Reawakening/The Scoop, please!
The Pokemon Channel should wait until the 30th or 31th of this month to broadcast this episode. That will then be the absolute perfect time.

I knew Pokemon was never ever good at horror nor creepypasta, there was never ever a good anime episode that can scare the audience. Unfortunately that still stay true even in Pokemon Generation. The Old Chateau is suspicious and creepy in every aspects, but I don't think this episode is scary by any means. Or maybe, it is just me doesn't understand anything about horror, because I never watch (bloodless) horror anime......

BTW, this is really off when the creepiest part is not the ghost-pokemon, but the ghost-girl at the end. Though Haunter appear in the corridor is really lot more scarier comparing to its official artwork, but comparing to the ghost-girl, it is still a few level shorter.

The entire episode might need a bit more atmosphere refinement if making a creepypasta was the point, because the creepiness is just not enough. Especially in the actions and reactions of Cheryl and her Chansey, I guess their characters are just too modest to bring out the horror tone. Also because this is Old Chateau, it would be great if it features Rotom. BTW, Chansey is IMO pointless.

Currently this is the first Pokemon Generation I have an opinion tends more towards negative. But nonetheless I still think it did a great work in portraying the Pokemon World in a non-cheesy non-kiddie-friendly manner that differs from the TV Anime series. Old Chateau is a haunted house with actual ghost dwelling inside, not a playground kitchen for sweet making and for light-hearted banter slapstick. The faithful adaption together with setting up the appropriate tone and mood for this location already deserved my humble praise.
Huh. Here I thought the stat trainers would all be in one episode.

And that ending doesn't bode well for Cheryl and Chansey...
OK........that was scary, and I thought Corpse Party was scary, I was dead wrong (no pun intended)
I wonder if there's different writing teams, because this and PG09 were really good.

But seriously, this is a massive shock for something like Pokemon

- Let me guess, this is some alternative future where Lucas/Dawn didn't guide Cheryl through the forest, right? You know, I didn't come into this series wanting to see a slew of pointless AU scenarios and verbatim game scene recreations. More like The Chase/The Reawakening/The Scoop, please!

Could've been before you meet her... and part of why you help her through is because she is terrified more ghosts will come for her. Doesn't mention it of course cuz scared.
OK........that was scary, and I thought Corpse Party was scary, I was dead wrong (no pun intended)
Really? The first Corpse Party game was scary because you were in control of the characters and had to run from the ghosts/monsters. Watching Cheryl and Chansey slowly react to rather predictable encounters isn't scary in comparison to that. Maybe you meant the Corpse Party anime.

I did like the episode, though. I'm pretty sure the other two Sinnoh episodes will stick to game events, making this the highlight for the region.
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Oh, and I forgot to mention, I love the touch of that moment early on, where they're humming as the walk through the forest, and they put a static filter over Cheryl's voice for just a second and then never follow up on it. Nice little atmosphere moment, and leaving it without context only makes it better.
This episode was too uncanny for me, but I can appreciate that others really like it. I do think Chansey and Cheryl could have done without the permanent blush; we get it, they're both little Ms. Innocent.
As an Halloween special it was cool, as a pokemon episode not so much. It reminded me of the Original Series were ghost pokemon were treated like real ghost, but that can hardly be the case anymore when we have so many of them and they're being used by many trainers.
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