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Review PG11: The New World

Like it overall, though voices seem odd. Am i the only one who thinks Cynthia sounds like Celestia and Juniper is too high pitched
That was definitely a rewrite. There was no hint of Lucas or Dawn, and all it took for Cyrus to scrap his original plan was being swept away by Giratina.

I bet that the Kyurem episode will ignore Nate/Rosa, too. I hope that they don't bother with the BW climax if they're so reluctant to touch any protagonist.
That was really straightforward. I never played Platinum, but this is oddly fitting. He finds solace in a reality where nothing can ever bother him again. Now what, though? Charon? Arceus?
That was really straightforward. I never played Platinum, but this is oddly fitting. He finds solace in a reality where nothing can ever bother him again. Now what, though? Charon? Arceus?
He didn't find solace in Platinum. He didn't seem to like the Distortion World and was still bent on understanding the universe in order to complete his original plan. I agree that he might as well settle for the Distortion World, but maybe he considered Giratina and the lack of grounded physics a distraction.

The next episode will be about Heatran, so Charon is likely.
Doctor Strange hyyyyyyyyyyype

I was surprised by this one (and I got to watch it with audio on the first go this time!). It got the "spectacle" game scene recreation out of the way in the first half (although it wasn't nearly as flashy as it could have been; compare Kyogre's awakening to this, and these are deities of space and time, here!), and then shrunk into a quieter, more intimate scene between Cyrus and Giratina, which was actually new material, although a brazen retcon.

And I actually like how this one resolves. Cyrus finding the world he desires in a twisted parallel dimension is, in my opinion, more interesting than him going on a rant and vowing to win one day, when he obviously won't. Completely disregarding his followers upon finding the Distortion World also fits with how he really saw them, as means to his own end.

But I wonder about the portrayal of Giratina in this. To some degree, I think it implies that Giratina feels a sort of commonality with Cyrus. Yes, it stopped him in order to keep the material world in balance, but it doesn't seem to want to harm him, and that look between them at the end... I don't know, I just got the sense that there was an understanding there.

I didn't think it could happen, but I think Generations has actually outclassed the games on this one, at least for me.

Also, I bloody love the Distortion World theme, as always. Oh, and that image of the sludgy Giratina rising up from the ground, around 1:43 in the video, was amazing.
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THE QUEEN IS HERE! It was so nice to see Cynthia show up and this was a pretty nice depiction of the Team Galactic climax, with Cyrus being pulled into the Distortion World and all. It was interesting to see everyone panicking when Cyrus was pulled in. Team Galactic sure is dedicated to him. I think my only complaint is that there was no sign of Dawn or Lucas alongside Cynthia, but it was a good episode.
Oh man. I loved this episode. Team Galactic are my favorite Pokemon villains, and seeing that the Platinum plot is now canon, it gives me hope that the DPPt remakes will follow that storyline instead of the DP storylines.
I loved both the Giratina and Distortion World theme remixes in this episode.

Furthermore, Cyrus gets everything he wanted, so he achieves his objective and actually gets to live to enjoy it...if someone as cold and logical as Cyrus can actually enjoy stuff, that is. :p

It is a little weird that the Gen IV protagonist doesn't make any appearance whatsoever, considering that Ethan and Brendan showed up in their villainous team's episodes, but I would hope that Dawn shows up in one of the upcoming Gen IV episodes, though it will likely be Lucas.

Also, Team Galactic falling apart without their leader is fitting, because, really, he was the brains of the organization and left his Grunts, and even Commanders, out of the loop as to his true intentions.
This was pretty cool. I like that Giratina battle theme remix and the Distortion World remix.

Queen Cynthia just stood there and looked cool.
and seeing that the Platinum plot is now canon

Strictly speaking, Platinum has been the canonical version of the Sinnoh story since BW came out, since in those games, Cynthia specifically compares Hildabert to "that Trainer who faced Giratina."
Technically, you can fight Giratina in DP, too, in Turnback Cave.

You can, but Cynthia isn't present for that. And while Lucas/Dawn could meet up with her again at some point after that and tell her, "Yo, I met Giratina," what are the chances that that is what her mind would automatically jump to when describing them a few years later? Not "that Trainer who defeated me"? Not "that Trainer who stopped Team Galactic"? Instead she's going to mention an off-screen (from her perspective) event that she only knows about second-hand? I find that to be highly implausible.

This is the first unambiguous reference directly to the Platinum plot.

Although technically, these minisodes seem to have little bearing on actual game canon, considering that this is one of a couple that have outright contradicted what happens in the games. So it's not even canonizing Platinum as we know it; if it's doing anything beyond taking a scenario from the games and making a loose interpretation of it in animated form, then it is in fact replacing the Platinum Version that we know.
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This episode was a lot less actional than any of the GenIII episodes, and it was much more tranquil than expected despite this event was supposed to be the climax of Team Galactic plan, I didn't felt uneasy nor excited like any of the previous episodes. However in terms of story, especially in terms of characteristics and personality of Cyrus, I think this is a better portrayal. First post of Esserise basically sums up my opinion very well.

BTW, just a little trivia. It is interesting that Glameow growl like...... a real cat ≧(^◕ω◕^)≦
It's actually a shame that we didn't see the HGSS Giovanni event adapted. I wonder how it would have been interpreted in terms of the implications for Giovanni's future.

But I liked the Origins interpretation better than the HGSS one, anyway.
That was pretty ehhhhhhh. Worst one so far. Weird we didn't see Lucas/Dawn or even Barry there.


That was annoying.
Why are y'all hating on this? I thought it was the best one yet, I really liked it and when Giratina came out of the black sludge... damn, it was amazing!
I don't really care if these shorts follow the game's canon or not, to me they have their own canon, we should be used to anime's not following their source material faithfully
Glad that they made the event from platinum, and I hope the gym will be also about platinium
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