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Pokémon announces new Project VOLTAGE 18 Types/Songs art and music collaboration project with Hatsune Miku

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Project VOLTAGE teaser artwork by KEI
The Pokémon Company have officially announced a brand new art and music collaboration project in with the popular Volcaloid character Hatsune Miku. Pokémon feat. Hatsune Miku Project VOLTAGE 18 Types/Songs (ポケモン feat. 初音ミク Project VOLTAGE 18 Types/Songs), officially abbreviated as PokéMiku (ポケミク) will officially launch next week on Monday, September 4th, and is expected to continue for at least the end of this year.

Project VOLTAGE is split into two separate sub-projects. The first sub-project, "18 Types of Hatsune Miku and Partner Pokémon Illustrations and Settings" (18タイプの初音ミク&相棒ポケモンのイラスト・設定資料) will feature a set of 18 artworks from 6 separate artists based on the theme of "What if Hatsune Miku was an XX-type Pokémon Trainer". Between September 4th and September 28th, these artworks will be released every weekday at 7:00pm (JST) on the project's official account on X, as well as on the official poroject website. Setting materials for each of these interpretations of Hatsune Miku will also be released alongside each artwork.

As of writing, the list of participating illustrators for this sub-project have not been released, with the Project VOLTAGE website stating that artists will be announced alongside the release of each illustration and accompanying setting material. The project's visual teaser image was created by KEI, the original character designer for Hatsune Miku and other Vocaloid characters including Kagamine Rin and Len, and Megurine Luka, however it is not clear if he will be providing additional artwork for this sub-project.
KEI said:
I never thought that I would be allowed to create a Pokémon illustration, so I was surprised and overjoyed [at this opportunity].
Thank you for this precious experience.

The second sub-project, "Songs and Music Videos from 18 Vocaloid Producers sampling Game Background Music and Sound Effects" (18名のボカロPによる、ゲームBGM・SEをサンプリングした楽曲・MV), as the name suggests, will feature a set of 18 separate songs and music videos to be produced by a group of 18 different Vocaloid Producers. Apart from the common theme of "Pokémon featuring Hatsune Miku", and the requirement that the songs sample the background music and sound effects of the Pokémon games in some way, each of the producers have been given free reign to express their own creative vision, so each song can be expected to be quite unique. The list of participating Vocaloid Producers, together with the first song from this sub-project, will be released on Friday September 29th at 7:00pm (JST), with additional songs releasing over a period of several months on the YouTube channels of each individual Vocaloid Producer.


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