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Pokémon Café ReMix celebrates its 3rd Anniversary with the release of the version 4.0 content update, Jirachi now appearing as a Five-Star Chef

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Pokémon Café ReMix is currently celebrating its 3rd anniversary, offering players a range of limited special events and rewards. Alongside this milestone, a new version update for Pokémon Café ReMix, Version 4.0, is now available for download. This update brings several new daily and weekly activities for players to complete, and increases the maximum level for staff Pokémon.

3rd Anniversary In-Game Events and Bonuses

A wide selection of in-game events and bonuses are being held in celebration of the anniversary.

Jirachi appears as a Five-Star Chef
Jirachi Wishing Star is currently available as a delivery target in "Delivery", running through until July 13th, at 10:59pm (PDT). An exclusive x11 delivery ticket for this delivery is being given away as part of the ongoing 3rd Anniversary Celebration Stamp #1 (see below).

When Five-Star Chef Jirachi Wishing Star's skill is actived, one Pokémon will disappear. In addition, the megaphones that spawn will be boosted.

Until July 23rd at 11:00pm (PDT), players will be able to purchase a Rainbow 1x Express Delivery Ticket to receive Jirachi in its Five-Star Chef Wishing Star Outfit. (Please note that this ticket may not be available for purchase in some regions)

Cosmog is visiting the café
Cosmog will visit players' cafés until July 5th, at 10:59pm (PDT), lured by the sweet scents of sweets. Players will need to satisfy Cosmog by playing one-minute cooking, an event that challenges players to reach the higher score possible in 1 minute. This event's gimmicks are "Honey", "Salt & Pepper", "Condensed Milk", "Canned Fruit", "Olive Oil" and "Coffee Ice".

By clearing ranks when reaching certain scores, players can earn Swap Shop Points to swap for rewards in the "Swap Shop". To draw Cosmog, players will need 5,000 Swap Shop Points. Each Cosmog Cookie can be swapped for 500 Swap Shop Points. Other rewards are also available in the Swap Shop, including new items that were released with the 4.0 update.

Cosmog's specialty is "Entrées". Its Special Gimmicks are "Pickles", "Coffee Ice" and "Parchment Paper", and it has a maximum puzzle score of 404. Cosmog requires 50 points to fill the skill gauge, while its Outfit Grades give it a +3% bonus to Puzzle Score each, with Outfit Grade #4 also adding extra points to "Coffee Ice" clears.

3rd Anniversary Celebration Stamps
Three Special Stamps will be held through the month, with each Stamp Board containing an outfit for either Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. Players will need to log over 10 separate days during each Stamp period to receive these rewards
  • 3rd Anniversary Celebration Stamps #1, featuring an outfit for Bulbasaur - available until July 5th, at 10:59pm (PDT).
  • 3rd Anniversary Celebration Stamps #2, featuring an outfit for Charmander - available from July 5th, at 11:00pm (PDT), through to July 23rd, at 10:59pm (PDT)
  • 3rd Anniversary Celebration Stamps #3, featuring an outfit for Squirtle - available from July 23rd, at 11:00pm (PDT), through to August 7th, at 10:59pm (PDT).
3rd Anniversary Lucky Wheel and Anniversary Challenges
Players will have the chance to win up to one million golden acorns, among other rewards, with the 3rd anniversary lucky wheel. Tickets for this lucky wheel are being distributed until July 5th, at 10:59pm (PDT), while players will actually be able to spin the wheel between June 30th at 11:00pm (PDT) and July 13th, at 10:59pm (PDT)

Players can obtain tickets for the Lucky Wheel, as well as up to 30,000 golden acorns and milestone cookies, by clearing a variety of special Anniversary Challenges, which vary from clearing events, playing daily, clearing icons, collecting stars, using Café Skills, having Pokémon join your staff and using wheel tickets. These challenges will remain available until July 5th, at 10:59pm (PDT).

Version 4.0 update
Version 4.0 of Pokémon Café ReMix has been released alongside the game's 3rd Anniversary celebrations. This update adds several new daily and weekly activities to the game, as well as extending the maximum level of staff.

Daily and Weekly Challenges

New Daily and Weekly Challenges are now available in Pokémon Café ReMix. Activities required to clear these challenges can include tasks such as using stamina, receiving daily stamps and playing the daily training. The first Weekly Challenge will become available from June 25th, at 10:59pm (PDT).

Alongside this addition, adjustments have been made to the challenge screen so that players can check all of the challenges on a single screen.

Daily Training
Daily training is a new feature that allows players to earn tarts every day by completing orders in one-minute cooking. Daily Training can be completed up to three times a day, with players receiving different tarts on completion depending on the day of the week. Daily Training can be played from the Order button at the bottom-right of the café screen.

Players who have already completed an order with three stars in daily training can use a skip ticket to earn rewards without completing an order. These skip tickets will be available in upcoming events and Daily Challenges.

Staff Max Levels
The Max staff level cap has been raised from 20 to 25. To raise a Pokémon's level cap, players will need a new item, Macarons, which correspond to the Pokémon's order category. Macarons can be obtained as rewards from the new Daily Challenges.

Players will also now be able to obtain Max level tickets, which can be used instead of goolden acorns when raising a Pokémon's max staff level at level 5, 10, or 15. These Max level tickets will be obtained as rewards from upcoming events.

Sleepyhead Jirachi Plush Giveaway

To celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Pokémon Café ReMix, the Japanese official Pokémon Information Bureau account on Twitter is holding a special giveaway of the Sleepyhead Jirachi Plush, with 20 winners will receive a life-sized plush of Jirachi. This giveaway is available only for residents of Japan

To participate, fans will need to follow the official "Pokémon Information Bureau" Twitter account (@poke_times) on Twitter, and retweet the target tweet on their Twitter account during the campaign period. Terms and Conditions for the contest (in Japanese) can be found on Pokémon Café Remix's official Japanese site. Entries close at 11:59pm on June 26th (JST). Winners will be notified in early July via Twitter direct message to their accounts after the campaign is over.

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