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GO Pokémon GO Adventure Log & Stories Thread!

My friend did indeed need a ride home from work, and then she decided we needed to spend like an hour driving around town catching pokemon, most of which was spent driving in circles around this one block with three lured PokeStops on it. There were a bunch of people sitting around outside in the heat while we were in the AC, and then it started raining so we had a good laugh about that (we are mean girls, so sue us :p ). She caught me a bunch of stuff, including a few things I didn't have yet: a few Bulbasaurs (enough to evolve mine), a Charmander, two Squirtles, a bunch of Weedles and Rattatas and Pidgeys of course, a Spearow, a few Ekans (evolved one), some Nidoran (M) (evolved one), some Venonats, a Gastly (so excited!), a Seadra, a Magmar (!!), some Staryu, and literally 15 Doduo lolcat.

Then today before class I caught a Sandshrew, some other stuff, and then a Vulpix ran away from me :( nyoooooooo, Vulpiiiiiiiiix, why don't you want to be my frieeeeeeeeeeend. Did get to evolve an Eevee into a Jolteon, so now I have all three Eevee-lutions so yay. :D
I've finally reached lv. 10 and double digits!

Evolved a Spearow into Fearow and hatched another Geodude. lol I also got Clefairy.

Oh, but a fricken Magikarp ran from me the other day. ._. How does a floppy fish even do that?
I've managed to hit level 15, mostly by going downtown and grinding it out with its abundance of Pokémon and Stops. One of my favorite areas by far is this place called Sundance Square, a wide-open plaza with a large geyser fountain smack in the middle of 3 Stops that are almost constantly swarming with Pokémon thanks to people's lures. On top of that, there's a Starbucks right there, perfect for grabbing a cold drink and taking a break in the air conditioning.

Speaking of which, Pokémon Go seems to have brought that Starbucks a ton of business, because they've embraced it. For some reason, Clefairy are always swarming around Sundance Square, so this Starbucks dubbed it as "the local Pokémon" and created a drink inspired by and named after it.

Today was a pretty great haul. Managed to snag a 600-ish CP Aerodactyl and a 700-something Scyther along with the usual fare.
Got 2 nice sessions at last. Level 7 now (got an Incense, have 2 now, should use them when I get some spare time around a lured Pokestop).

New Pokemon are Caterpie, Horsea, Spearow and Paras. The latter had a pretty good CP too. I also encountered an even better Staryu but it fled after 1 attempt where the Pokeball shook twice even though the circle was green instead of yellow :(
Finally hit level 20 a few days ago. Not only that but I finally managed to evolve my Ekans, Growlithe, and Exeggcute. And I took down a couple of gyms with them.
Got to campus early cause I had an exam. I was really tired and kinda cranky, so I dropped lures on all three PokeStops right outside the science building and used an incense. That definitely brightened up my day. ^^ Going over my haul now. Finally got enough Spearows to evolve one so I have a Fearow now, yay. Caught another Jigglypuff, evolved another Oddish, and just evolved my first Paras so hurray, another new Pokemon I didn't have. ^^ 12 more candy and I can evolve my Slowpoke, and same goes for Staryu. Haven't seen any Dratini in awhile, but I might go hang out by one of the fountains on campus tonight, since that had Dratini before.

Halfway through lv 19, dex is at 70/150. Bought some incubators and have five eggs in them. Where's a Flame Body pokemon when you need one~ :p
Been hatching eggs like crazy. My most recent batch includes: Vulpix, Staryu, and Goldeen.
Playing as I am out and about. Stocking up on supplies at Pokestops as I come across them. At the moment focused on hatching eggs. Have like seven on the back burner.
Another session today. It didn't really involve much walking, I was just sitting to a place with 3 Pokestops which I was farming non-stop as my phone's bad GPS was moving my character by itself (which can be really useful!)

New species: Kakuna and Krabby.

My 2 and 5km eggs hatched into Weedle and Krabby respectively. Already had Weedle but this one had a much better CP than everything I've found in the wild and gave me enough candies to evolve it to Kakuna. But I encountered Kakuna right afterwards :( So in the end I'm not that happy with the result (wish I'd saved the candies to get Beedrill sooner, I don't care about such a species' CP as I would have lots of stronger Pokemon to power-up anyway, why waste Stardust on it?). Not extremely happy with Krabby either as it has showed up nearby several times and despite not being able to catch it so far I was hoping I would soon. Still better than the Pidgey I got from my latest Egg before these two, though.

Speaking of Pidgey, I caught one with a CP of 110 today. Which is really nice considering the first Pidgey I ever evolved reached exactly 110 CP only after it evolved into Pidgeotto. I kinda care about getting a strong Pidgeot so I'd rather save 62 candies and evolve my strongest Pidgey at the time than just get 50 to evolve any random Pidgeotto.

I also managed to get enough Stardust to powerup Golbat past the 400 CP mark, it stands at 432 now. My next strongest is Raticate at 260, the gap of 100+ is too much for my standards, wow.

I'm halfway through Level 7 now (thank you based eggs. new species and Pokestops for all the XP!). Looking forward to hitting Level 8 as I'll get my first Lure Module which I'll then use in conjunction with an Incense at some point for an awesome 30-minute session :D
Hatched two more eggs while running errands - a Magikarp and a Zubat. The Zubat provided me with enough candies to evolve it. So I earned a Golbat today, as well. Down to one incubator and a handful of 5K eggs.

Later on, I made use of an Incense but managed to only get a Parasect. Every other Pokemon was a Rattata, Weedle, or Pidgey.

So Pikachu appeared on my radar for the first time last night. Today it was Clefairy and Bulbasaur. Maybe later on I will take an outing on my own and try to play some more. We'll see.
Caught a Squirtle and a Geodude (didn't have one yet) on the way to class. Also hatched three eggs on the way to class (Caterpie, Zubat, and Rhyhorn). Wasted a bunch of Great Balls on trash that ran away anyway. Didn't get to wander around outside last night because the universe decided we needed a MONSOON or something. If it doesn't rain tonight I'll go out and try to find some non-trash.
Received my second Voltorb via egg. Took a whole day to hatch it. Tomorrow I start another 5K egg.
Otherwise, I caught another Ghastly and hit a group of new Pokestops. Turns out my little city is populated after all.
Will see about heading to the trails tomorrow and getting some exercise and kilometers in.
Hatched a 2 km egg into Geodude last night. Not so good of a hatch as I already hatched one and caught another.

New species I got are Slowpoke (with a pretty nice CP) and Magikarp (meh, 400 candies to evolve is too much. Enjoy my 500 XP I guess).

Evolved another Pidgey which now stands at 209 CP, my 3rd strongest Pokemon. Hit Level 8 that way. Yay for Razz Berries and most importantly the Lure. Now to find a nice Pokestop and 30 spare minutes...
Didn't hatch my 5K egg yet.

I did end up using a lure, and caught a few Pokemon. Evolved Eevee into Flareon.
Was crankypants again today cause I had my calc final, then some random nice person decided to drop three lures on the same three Pokestops outside the science building from before. THANK YOU RANDOM PERSON FOR BRIGHTENING UP MY DAY. Because of them, I caught a CLEFAIRY. I also caught a Meowth, neither of which I had. And then on the way home I was too amped up to just go home so I went driving for about half an hour, and as I was pulling into my driveway after all of that, one of my eggs hatched into a Ponyta, which I also didn't have yet. :D Even having a Magikarp run away didn't faze me, especially since I caught a Jigglypuff immediately after that~ I haven't gone out in awhile besides walking to and from class cause exams, but since everything is finally DONE FOREVER (well, calc is, anyway) today, I'll go out later tonight unless I pass out from tirez~
Went to Manhattan today and I caught a Pikachu in Central Park (my first Pikachu catch since i hatched one), and caught some pokes I never had before, like Magnemite, Magneton, Electrode, Drowzee, Slowpoke, Arbok, and a Jigglypuff.

I caught so much Polywag, i though my Poliwhirl would become a Poliwrath by the end of the day, but sadly, not really. At least they're a decently common find around where I live.

I love my cp835 Magmar and cp755 Magneton, and I really want my Dodrio to be among my best pokemon to take on gyms with. I guess I should catch more Doduo then... i'm also trying to power up my Scyther, but this is the only one i found wild, and i used all its candies, until today, but it disappeared in the overworld.
Hatched a new 5k egg last night and got my first Doduo.

Geodude, Rhyhorn, and Scyther popped up on my radar but didn't see them.

Evolved my Bellsprout.

Just one Caterpie candy away from Butterfree. All I get are Weedles in my area.

Edit: 8/7/16

The hubs has been helping me hatch eggs :love: while running his errands. Still working on a 5K egg.

Finally evolved my Metapod into a Butterfree! So happy about that. Captured my first Sandshrew at a local park. That was exciting, too!

Tried to take on a Gym, but no luck. Lost twice. Oh well, it's fine seeing as I rarely ever get to battle anyway. I'll take whatever action I can get.

Edit: 8/8/16

Hatched Tangela. Caught my first Grimer.
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Another nice session earlier.

New species: Tentacool, Nidoran-M

Hatched 2 2km eggs and 1 5km egg. Magikarp (meh), Geodude (nice because it gave me lots of candies, still 1 short of evolving my strongest one though :( ) and Nidoran-M (awesome! gave me lots of candies too).

I also caught my first Tentacool ever as well some stronger Slowpoke and Paras. And lots of Pidgey which is also good as I want to get a strong Pidgeot. The only bad part was my first ever Eevee encounter that fled :(
I'm lv. 12 now which means Great Balls! :D

I also evolved a Zubat to Golbat at last. I need a few more Exeggcute and Paras before I can evolve them as well.
Ive been playing a bit when I can.

Today I caught a Jigglypuff and reached Lv 10 finally and am on my way to hatching my 2nd 10km egg, Im at 8km right now. I also transfered a ton of duplicates and finally got to evolve Eevee into a Vaporeon like I wanted so thats exciting, I should also have Beedril very soon. Sadly I have to catch many more duplicates of other species :(
So there are literally zero good Asian supermarkets in my area so I drive 60mi (97km) roundtrip to get to one. I had to head over today and there is ALWAYS a crapton of traffic on the weekdays (which is why I usually go on Sundays but I needed to get out of the houuuuuuse), so I took advantage of the forever-traffic and plugged in my phone to the car and opened GO before I left. By the time I got home there were six eggs waiting for me to acknowledge their existance. I hatched a Jigglypuff, an Oddish, a Staryu, a Gastly, a Machop, and a Diglett. I didn't have the last two yet so it was a good day~ also, seems @Zexy was right about the bazillion 10km eggs upon reaching lv 20 thing cause I've now got 3 in incubators~

Apparently the supermarket is also a gym, so I stuck one of my pokemon that I named after my friend for reasons in the gym, but by the time I got home Lucky the Golduck was all beat up. :( Also parked in one of the lots at uni that always has pokemon and caught an Eevee and a Bulbasaur.

All in all, a good day~
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