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Pokémon GO celebrates Valentines Day and Brazilian Carnaval next week with the Carnival of Love 2024 event, plus debut of Incarnate Forme Enamorus

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Carnival of Love - Key Art with all forms of Oricorio
Blossoms are blooming next week in Pokémon GO with a pair of events themed around Valentine's Day, and the Brazilian Carnaval. The Carnival of Love 2024 event will run from February 13th at 10:00am through to February 15th at 8:00pm local time, and feature the Pokémon GO debut of Shiny Oricorio. Meanwhile, the Love-Hate Pokémon Enamorus will be making its debut in Elite Raids in its Incarnate Forme on February 14th.

Carnival of Love
Event Bonuses and Activities
The following event bonuses will be active during the event period:
  • Increased chance of receiving Candy XL when walking with buddy
  • Two guaranteed Candy XL for evolving Pokémon
  • 2× XP for catching Pokémon (for Trainers located in Brazil only)
Additionally, PokéStop Showcases for event-themed Pokémon will be running throughout the event period at different PokéStops. Trainers will also be able to enter their biggest Buddy Pokémon (which must be a Great Buddy or higher) into Showcases.

Heart Trim Furfrou
During the event period, Trainers will be able to change their Natural Form Furfrou to Heart Trim Furfrou. To change trims, Trainers will need to go to the Furfrou's summary page, then tap the Change Form button to bring up a menu that lists the available trims, and then select the preferred trim. Changing Furfrou's trim will cost 25 Furfrou Candy and 10,000 Stardust.

Collection Challenge, Field Research, and Paid Timed Research
An event-themed Collection Challenge, as well as event-themed Field Research, are available for free as part of the Carnival of Love 2024 event. Completing the Carnival of Love 2024 Collection Challenge will award Trainers with XP, Stardust, and an encounter with Roserade. Completing event-themed Field Research tasks will award encounters with a variety of different thematically appropriate Pokémon (see below for a list).

Trainers will also be able to access event-exclusive Timed Research from the in-game store for US$1.00 (or the equivalent pricing tier in each local currency). Completing these tasks will award Trainers with Stardust, XP, two Incense, and five encounters with Spinda with a heart pattern. This Timed Research must be completed and their rewards must be claimed before February 15th at 8:00pm local time. As usual, tickets opening access to this Paid Timed Research can also be gifted to any friend with a Friendship level of Great Friends or higher.

Luvdisc Tambourine Pose
New avatar item
The Luvdisc Tambourine Pose will be available to purchase in the in-game shop starting from this event. This item is a permanent addition to the shop.

Pokémon Encounters
All Pokémon listed below with a ⁂ next to their name can also be encountered in their Shiny variants.

Wild encounters
The following Pokémon will appear more frequently in the wild during this event:
  • Snubbull ⁂
  • Skitty ⁂
  • Luvdisc ⁂
  • Red Flower Flabébé (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa)
  • Blue Flower Flabébé (Asia-Pacific region)
  • Yellow Flower Flabébé (the Americas)
  • Furfrou ⁂
  • Baile Style Oricorio (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa) ⁂
  • Pom-Pom Style Oricorio (the Americas) ⁂
  • Pa'u Style Oricorio (African, Asian, Pacific, and Caribbean islands) ⁂
  • Sensu Style Oricorio (Asia-Pacific region) ⁂
  • Stufful ⁂
  • Quaxly
  • Roselia (uncommon) ⁂
  • White Flower Flabébé (uncommon)
  • Orange Flower Flabébé (uncommon)
Field Research task encounters
Completing event-themed Field Research tasks will award Trainers with encounters with the following Pokémon:
  • Snubbull ⁂
  • Roselia ⁂
  • Spinda with a heart pattern ⁂
  • Clamperl ⁂
  • Luvdisc ⁂
  • Furfrou ⁂
  • Stufful ⁂
Incarnate Forme Enamorus
Incarnate Forme Enamorus Elite Raids

Incarnate Forme Enamorus will appear in Elite Raids on February 14th at 12pm, 1pm, 5pm, and 6pm local time, remaining available for 30 minutes each time. Trainers who defeat Enamorus in these Elite Raids will receive an opportunity to catch it. As always, these Elite Raids must be battled in-person, and Trainers will not be able to use Remote Raid Passes to challenge Incarnate FOrme Enamorus.

When Incarnate Forme Enamorus is defeated, the following Pokémon will appear around the Gym that hosted the raid for 30 minutes:
  • Clefairy ⁂
  • Jigglypuff ⁂
  • Snubbull ⁂
  • Taillow ⁂
  • Woobat ⁂
  • Emolga
  • Rufflet ⁂
  • Fletchling ⁂
  • Spritzee ⁂
  • Swirlix ⁂


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